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  1. When I joined in 2007 I paid yearly for my premium membership and distinctively remember the option to change to basic and partial refund of money for months not used I have just decided to downgrade and my membership renewed in October, I have been offline due to computer issues and could not log on to give back linden home so they would not let me downgrade, now I have they are saying you don't get refunds on unused months, surely this is not fair?
  2. Hi I tried rolling back and phoenix which worked better for me then I tried the developer viewer with trepidation but it has cleared lag and freezing and crashing which was a huge problem, so am on the latest catalyst and development viewer the official linden one and all is fine in my sl world now
  3. Thank you that works just not so quick I hope it gets fixed
  4. Okay the shadows are fixed and thats great well done linden labs but now I cannot detach my sidebare and that really is bad news I hate that side bar and usually have them small in left hand corner is this a bug or deliberate
  5. Hi Thallo is on Blake sea, with hundres of sailable sims accessible we have parcels to rent. Basilicum Beerbaum or Soar Wingtips
  6. FFrendz are Thallo is a sim connected to the Blake sea contact me or basilicum beerbaum
  7. Hi I had this telling me my maturity was wrong would not let me tp home, but was to do with preferencesadn upgrading viewer check you have all set not just general land in preferences and that resolves it hopefully
  8. I have updated my catalyst drivers about a week ago but actually that did not create any issues, have had brilliant graphics. It is only on upgrading to the new viewer that I am having these issues.
  9. CPU: Intel® Core i5 CPU M 540 @ 2.53GHz (2527.07 MHz) Memory: 3957 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6500M/5600/5700 Series I changed mine to just unticking the shadows, this morning was quite a panic realising it was black, odd thing is you can see the chat etc, but its as if you are in pitch black. I wonder if there are more of this and if we need to create a Jira
  10. I did clean install and when I did preferences and logged on I had a black view when using the ultra graphics as always and with the hardware skinning enabled, I found I have to disable the hardware skinning to see anything at all. This all worked fine in the old viewer and my graphics card is very up to date. Is there anyone else had this issue please.
  11. Also kids don't pay for cable and the internet; adults do. I'm an adult and I don't want my internet censored. Adults are the paying customers, so we should come first. Your children are not my responsibility nor can I control what people's kids are doing on the internet. That's a parent's responsibility, not mine nor other adults who are the ones paying for the internet. That is the most stupid comment, the internet is for everyone not just adults, you have an amazing selfish attitude, so basically you think that the internet is just for adults, jeez unbelievable, and btw I expect there are many parents on here that pay for internet for their kids to enjoy access. Schools, colleges:)) your small fry
  12. Actually there is a huge difference between nudity and between pornographic content, nudity is everywhere and no harm, explicit pornographic images is a total differetn ball game
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