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  1. A WW2/RP combat sim that has been open for 2 years now, when it was first opened we decided to keep the Nazisum to a minimum by keeping the German groups generalized, limiting the use of certian propoganda items and replacing the Nazi swastika with the Iron Cross.

    This was to prevent people taking offence to the themes of the sim and to prevent the sim becoming a hotbed for RL supporters of Nazi Ideaology.

    In Recent mounths though this has taken a swing away from its original plans, we've seen the creation of the 'SS' devision, complete with DeathSquad uniforms and its members greeting each other with a 'Seig Heil' gesture, at one point wearing Armbands depicting the Nazi Swastika.

    This Continued with the creation of the 'Hitler Youth' Group, in which child avatars are armed with guns, sing propoganda songs of the period and do marches through the sim, in the past few weeks that has reached its obvious conclusion pictures of Hitler and books depicting 'Mein Kampf' have began appearing in several of the Axis occupied Buildings and Bunkers.

    As a result we have been under constant greifing attack from various Left wing organistions, and sim traffic has began to slow down as (to the main organiser of the sims) roleplaying the nazi fettish has become more important than being a combat sim, and the Allies as well as other Axis factions are being shoved aside as a result.


    While most of this is an Internal Issue with the ideology of the people who run some of the sims, my main concern and question is this, With such a high level of Nazisum now present in the sim, as well as now being run by people who are clearly Nazi Supports and not afraid to show it, will the other sims who do not support this action but are still part of the region be 'prosecuted' for the way one of the sims chooses to represent itself and/or is this an LL issue or an Internal Issue?

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