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  1. Thank you littleMe Jewell, having this information makes life in SL a little easier. I shall post these words outside the city gate. sincere thanks.
  2. Well the title says it all. I cant find anything related to my question but we run and ADULT sim and of late we are getting kid like avatars trying to get in I would like to know if LINDEN LABS have restrictions on height for full adult sims Please and where I might find it in text please?
  3. I see ehre you both agree to taking it off and putting it back on, I will try it again, I thought I had done that. BUT we all know what THOUGHT did dont we? However, the main point is, that is, adding or wearing is no different to attaching to the older body(s). So I shall try again and thank you both.
  4. Now I know this is a pretty basic question for those in the know, but I am not and I have searched in most places and so far, nobody wants to help. But,,,I have made a garter that is supposed to fit to to the right Thigh of the wearer (Upper Right Leg) Now I have "attached" it in the same manner as one used to with prim type bodies (prior to mesh) but alas, when the leg bends, the item stcks out quite a way from the avatar. So How does one make these things stay put? Please? and thank you in anticipation.
  5. Is this where I request a sim rollback please? If so. the region is Phantasy Acres
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