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  1. This is FANTASTIC progress. Well done Linden Lab, and THANK YOU!
  2. Welcome Rod. Good to have you on board!
  3. Mondy, You've got a point. In all honesty I have been forced to use a third party viewer for a while since I couldn't perform some of my tasks in the first public release of Viewer 2. But that doesn't mean that the Viewer in its entirety is a complete screw-up. As with any New technology it takes time to perfect. I can think of billions of other like cases on the Internet where first releases of new technologies are filled with bugs and issues. But thankfully Linden Lab is actually listening to us and doing an excellent job at delivering what the majority wants and expects, including fixing of bugs and implementing new UI features. When I talk about my love for Viewer 2, I'm speaking about the over-all interface, yes sure there are some bugs, but instead of pointless banter on a blog post I would file a support case tickets or open new Jira's to actually do something useful about it. This doesn't mean that I should bash viewer 2 entirely. I love viewer 2 and so do thousands upon thousands of other SL residents. And I'll repeat myself again: A new technology will ALWAYS have bugs and issues to be addressed. - So instead of bashing the Lindens for what they do wrong according to a tiny minority's perspective of how things should work, why don't everyone instead make themselves useful by contributing to the Jira's of cases that are in fact real issues.
  4. Well Ando, this is where you fail to realize that the Viewer 1.x and 2.x code has been made available open source, for people like yourself who prefer to go against what the majority wants to be able to log into Second Life using a third party viewer with a different interface. Your solution is quite simple. If you don't like Viewer 2.x simply use 1.x or a Third Party viewer - Be grateful that Linden Lab has allowed third party viewers to connect to the grid and that they still allow the viewer 1 to connect to the grid, this proves that they do listen to the minority and that they do in fact care about your experience even though you take this entire virtual world for granted and do nothing but bash the company that have created all of this for YOU. I don't want to get into a back-and-forth banter here because I have better things to do with my time than to argue with "old fogies" who are set in their ways. But I just wanted to voice my opinion here because it upsets me see some of these nasty comments towards a company that is actually working very hard to make us happy and doing a great job at it. Unfortunately its not possible to make everyone 100% happy so there will be some tiny minorities such as yourself who will spend all day venting in blog comments. If you're issues are really issues I suggest you create a Jira or a Support case, and actually do something useful to help improve Second Life - Stop flooding my inbox with your negative replies.
  5. @Jupiter.Ellisson - I couldn't agree more! I hate the viewer 1.x interface, its ugly and archaic. Viewer 2 Actually played a huge part in my returning to Second Life, signing up as premium and opening up shop again. I really love the Viewer 2 User interface, its sleek, clean and easy to use. As for display names. I've always wished for this feature and Linden Lab has delivered exactly what myself and thousands upon thousands of other users from all over the globe have requested for years. Thank you Linden Lab! Now I can finally use my real name in Second Life. And if someone else wants to copy me, let them. I'm not the only David Venter in the real world either, but my username will still set me apart. "Old fogies. Everywhere. Time to let go of the old and let in the new." - Jupiter Thanks to the intelligent UI design of Viewer 2, together with all the new amazing features I can once again actually enjoy my Second Life. - Many of you fail to realize that while only a tiny handful of you guys are upset about these improvements and voice your concerns here, there are thousands upon thousands of very satisfied residents who enjoy and love the new viewer 2 and all its great features. They simply choose not to get involved with this discussion because there is no point in fighting with someone that a) Doesn't accept improvement/change, 2) doesn't even read the Linden Lab blog posts properly, 3) thinks that the new features will not affect them. I'm very happy with Viewer 2, the sidebar, shared media, display names, mesh, voice morphing, etc. Thank you Linden Lab, You guys are doing a great job!! As for those of you who think that Display names is the only thing that Linden Lab has been working on instead of fixing well known bugs, you're obviously not been following progress on relevant Jira's. I have been taking active part in submitting and commenting on Jira's, at least the ones that are really important and really an issue such as anti-aliasing on mac etc, and the Lindens are actually actively working on things. Just because they don't blog their every move doesn't mean that they aren't working on things. If you think that display names is the only thing that they have been working on than you're seriously underestimating the Lindens. - Wake up! Get your head out of your @$$, accept change, embrace it, it's beautiful. It will improve your Second Life :-)
  6. I'm really excited about the Display Names feature, thank you Linden Lab for finally making this available on the main grid. I cannot wait for this to be working in all areas. Now I can finally be myself without having to use a canned last name from Linden Lab. I can be me :-) And If anyone wants to copy my name, let them, because I still have my unique username to identify. I love display names, this is something that should have happened A VERY LONG TIME AGO!- Thank you Linden Lab! Over-all the new Viewer 2.3 Beta is once again a big improvement, there is just one mayor issue which has been bothering me since the first Viewer 2 Beta. Antialiasing on mac. Yes, its still broken. Since I have started using viewer 2 I could simply not enable antialiasing, the screen would turn completely white. All third party viewers allow smooth antialiasing so I am forced to use Imprudence for photography since I simply cannot take high quality images in Viewer 2.x - PLEASE FIX ANTIALIASING FOR MAC!!! Apart from the Antialiasing issue I am really satisfied with the Viewer 2.3 Beta. Well done guys! UPDATE: And one more thing, as with all previous Beta versions for Mac I crash every few minutes. I'm submitting crash reports every time. Hope it helps
  7. I actually really do love the sidebar. It makes things a whole lot easier. This however is my personal opinion, if you don't like it then LInden Lab should provide a way for you to disable it, which may hope they are working on, granted this could be annoying to some, but PERSONALLY I love it and really hope that they won't remove it entirely, if they do, enjoy your cake...
  8. First of all I want to say that I have been in Second Life since early 2007, this is not my first Avatar although it is my new and hopefully permanent main character from this point forward. In my PERSONAL OPINION I've never really liked the Viewer 1.x interface and have always wished that Linden Lab would create something more modern, sleek and provide a more streamlined interface in regards to the way things should work. Viewer 2.x is exactly that. I'm very proud of what has been done and will never ever go back to the viewer 1.x interface. I am a content creator (builder & fashion designer) and those who say that content creation in viewer 2.x is difficult, think again - you simply haven't spent enough time with it. I firmly believe that those who do not like the viewer 2.x interface have simply been either a) too lazy to spend quality time with it to learn it properly and judge accurately, or 2) they are the same type of people that would want the old style facebook back, or they are the type of people who would use iframes and tables when building websites toting that the new way of doing things is silly. Times change, technology evolves, things improve and I believe that viewer 2.x is a GREAT IMPROVEMENT! Well done Linden Lab. I certainly feel sorry for those who do not like change and improvement, If you expect things to stay the same and never evolve, an online virtual software driven world is the wrong place for you to be. A comment posted by Aeonix Aeon a bit earlier provides the perfect response to those who dislike viewer 2.x or in my opinion, those who dislike change and progression. Scroll up and read his feedback, I highly recommend. Thank you Linden Lab, Great job on viewer 2.x - The release of viewer 2.2 has actually made me decide to renew my annual premium membership and to re-open shop in Second Life. I just couldn't see myself carry on with the primitive interface of viewer 1.x. Viewer 2.x however is definitely something that I can see myself working with for a long time. THANK YOU. JOB WELL DONE!
  9. Just one more thing: I absolutely LOVE the sidebar. Much better than floating windows. Sometimes I do have the need to use more than one inventory window at the same time, then I simply open a new floating inventory window, as for the rest of the time, I prefer having easy access to everything in the sidebar rather than having floating windows all over the place. I leave the sidebar open most of the time. Its a great feature, makes life so much easier to have quick access to everything. Thank you Linden lab. Please DO NOT take the sidebar away, I will miss it tremendously!
  10. Absolutely AMAZING! I love this viewer. Now all we need is custom display names and I'll be 100% satisfied (for now). Keep it up guys! Job well done from the Snowstorm team.
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