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  1. Why sponsor auto racing? Sponsoring auto racing, regardless of the racing category, builds sales and profits through association and subsequent sales promotions, advertising, and PR activities for any product; not just those associated with automobiles. Boost sales, increase product visibility and promote your product to the most “brand loyal” fans around. TM Racing Team is one of the most competitive racing teams in Second Life. With over 10 years racing experience and over a dozen Grand Championship wins. Our drivers are active and currently leading several championsh
  2. Kinky Kings is a new Escort Club and we are currently hiring Female Escorts and Dancers. We offer an optional hourly wage, and you will keep a minimum of 80% of all tips. 85% and 90% options available. Just come by and grab an application on the front desk or talk to one of our staff in sight! See you soon! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pengo Capricorn/174/35/2526 Kinky Kings
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