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  1. Ok I guess I kind of answered my own question lol -rubs back of head and blushes- thanks all for your help, that thing about the firefox (BIG HELP) but i downloaded a program that got rid of my cookies better than my darn virus protection and tried it, it worked! Well, i guess I will give the points to the first person who helped and kept helping, Much appreciated to everyone tho. ^.^ have a nice day
  2. That is a possibility, I did mistake my age the first time and said I was 17 ^///^ But then I realized it was trying to sign me up for teen SL so I went back, changed it, and it gave me the message that I must be 13 or over to play SL and it confused me so much, I kept trying, I rebooted my computer, deleted my temp logs but not my cookies yet. Should I delete my cookies? Is there a cookie that could be making the site think for some reason I'm under 13 when I clearly state that I am 18?
  3. I try to go and create an alt account for the same reason anyone would and I can't for soem strange reason. I give the registration form a full accurate description and give it my birthday (I am 18) and when I finish everything i submit the form and it tells me the Registration cannot be completed you must be 13 or older to play or something like that and it's really upsetting me. Please help I need someone who knows what happened, help on this would really be appreciated.
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