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  1. RAWs have been pretty much the only way to 'insure' a SIM. I'm an Estate Manager for a company renting out 140+ SIMs at the moment, it'd be nice to have some additional measures. I can understand how difficult it'd be to log all terraforming and other forms of land modification that take place on any given parcel / SIM. Regardless, I agree that it would be pretty damn useful if EM's had the ability to upload/save RAWs however you're likely right about the fact that LL would likely be strongly against it, however useful it may be.
  2. Hey everyone, An idea came to mind that I'm sure has already been discussed in the past, never the less I was hoping to discuss it with others and provided I have this posted in the right board, I look forward to feedback. I think it'd be a rather useful tool for Estate Managers / Land Owners to have access to an 'Archive' that logs all modifications done to the land. For example; if a Resident were to leave Terraforming enabled on their land unintentionally, and a random individual were to come and destroy the land through Terraforming, the Estate Manager / Parcel owner could then review the archive and see who had modified the land recently. I'm not sure if this would be possible to code and include in updates to the SL Viewer however I personally believe it would be an incredibly useful tool provided it's restricted to the appropriate individuals. Thoughts anyone? -Discuss.
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