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  1. The initial question here was really smart. Many people don't understand that some people are oblivious to how they act. Or they don't understand the ways that others are likely to perceive their actions. Combine someone who's oblivious to how they are perceived with somebody who's certain every slight is deliberate? That's where the really dramatic clashes begin.
  2. We're incredibly lucky that Luca chooses to invest that time here. Our marketing team has acknowledged a few valuable contributions, including from the post you quoted.
  3. For a while premium-only destinations there were open to all. Reverting to the current state was intentional and a part of testing, but it's not indicative of a broader trend on the beta grid. If anything, we'd like more users testing and filing bug reports on aditi. Closing access would hurt that cause. If anyone else wants to get on aditi and doesn't already know how, you can find more details here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Aditi
  4. Thank you! I saw the tweet. While I'm not part of marketing, I'll make sure they get a link to this discussion. In the mean time, are there examples of other companies' marketing which you think our team should look to for inspiration or positive examples? Have you seen Second Life user-generated materials where you thought to yourself, "the Linden Lab marketing team should have been the ones doing this?" Those aren't just questions for Luca. I'm sure they'd value any useful examples or inspiration.
  5. So far I’m not able to get this to come up. I’ll keep trying, but if any of you still see it would you help by reporting it here? https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/policies/report-spam-form
  6. Okay, these are getting fun ❤️
  7. No disagreement on anything you've said. And yes, Google warns about putting their tag manager in an iframe: But between you and me, sometimes that's a feature. Even where there is a business need for these tags to be present (we don't add them on this particular page ourselves), it can be helpful to minimize the granularity of information provided.
  8. Hey, Animats. This is a good area for us to investigate. As a rule, we tightly control which partners are in a position to access personal information. I can count those vendors without running out of fingers, and none of them are marketers. You may have seen that we make liberal use of iframes to limit the scope of DOM access on any page where PII, payment data, email addresses, etc are presented. This means that even if a request shows up in the network log, it doesn't mean the third party was in a position to access the contents of the page. A hypothetical bad actor who gained control of those services could not access the personal information presented on a page with appropriate isolation. I'm going to open up a conversation with our identity verification vendor to review their form page. I see that they have a similar approach for some of those script inclusions, such as the Google Tag Manager sandboxed in an iframe. But I want them to detail what kind of controls are in place for the A/B testing script they include from a third party, and for the additional inclusions that stem from that. I'll also push for them to add additional isolation unless they can demonstrate appropriate compensating controls.
  9. This is an interesting request/proposal. I suspect payment info on file isn't a terribly strong indicator of the quality of messages coming from an account. But there's value in letting individuals have the tools to make their own choices. For example, the more heavily griefed sandboxes have had good success with requiring manual invites for people without payment info on file. If you had the ability to restrict IMs from users without PIOF, how would you want that to work if you had sent an IM to the non-PIOF person first? Or if you had sent them L$ or inventory? Would that exempt them? How would you want this to work with ad-hoc chats? (For example, chats created by selecting a group of contact cards) Presumably you would also want anyone on your friend list to be exempt as well. Are there other users who should be exempt? Also, how big of a problem is this really solving? How many of you are frequently approached by a series of fresh anonymous accounts, and how big of a deal is it for you to block them?
  10. I didn't want to guess wrong on your tweed jacket size. But no, we're in a category of business that extends well beyond the IRS. It would be wonderful if it were still that simple! I'll ask our own beloved tweed team if they'd ever consider blogging about the fun they have.
  11. I laughed. But this is largely true. In the short term, Tilia is merely us formalizing an internal segmentation that already existed. The additional paperwork around cashouts is stuff that was coming whether we put a new name on the group or not. We can't control what regulators require of us. In the long term, we want to undertake some significant projects in the payments and security space which will be expensive to implement. Income from SL alone wouldn't pay for these projects without our absorbing some big losses. To address this, we aim to offer Tilia services to additional companies. This will help us distribute many of the costs of projects and services across more companies. In turn, these additional projects will benefit all Tilia customers, including SL. Beyond that, the separate business entity also saves a lot of hair pulling for the legal and finance teams. Take a little trip with me... Imagine sitting down with a team of external regulatory representatives. They're used to talking to a category of businesses that all look nearly identical. Dollars in, dollars out. They like it that way. It's simple. They do yearly audits, make sure everything the business does follows the most boring format possible. Again, boring and predictable makes them happy. You've never seen so much tweed. You'll never see so many flip phones used unironically. One guy on the external team just got Angry Birds. That's Bill. Bill is the cool guy, but the rest of the team is a little skeptical about Bill. Bill's phone doesn't even flip, and that seems kind of edgy. This whole group gets paid by the hour, and in many cases you get to foot the cost of both sides of these engagements. Multiply this by a bunch of states and countries. The way the world is changing, soon it will be nearly all 50 states with different groups of tweed people, and half again as many for countries overseas. Never bet against bureaucracy. You get the picture. This is expensive, frustrating, and time consuming, right? It's worse than you think. Because now imagine that you aren't just explaining the US$ pages. Imagine that you have to take a detour through explaining all of Second Life, Sansar, and Blocksworld. Bill's got all kinds of questions about furries, and it's making the rest of his team anxious. Nobody's sure which checkbox applies to what anymore. Questions about flexi hair have people confused even though the audit has nothing to do with how that half of the company works. Every time. Multiply that by all those states and countries. You can probably imagine that these teams were more than a little happy when we wanted to spin off Tilia for the business customer reason. They'll never again have to explain Ruthing, or why you've still got that emotional attachment to your prim hair.
  12. This is a lot less exciting than some of you are making it out to be. This is not related to yesterday's grid problems. There are cases where, by design, an account may be deleted and a generic template is inserted in its place. It's mostly filled with all-zero values or some other defaults that make the server happy. For example, if an EU resident requested that personal information were deleted from his or her account, this would be one of the many changes made. That said... it's sorely tempting to change the generic "Redacted" surname to "Magellan" now.
  13. One other quick note: Please understand that my warning above is about the program that alters users' email addresses and passwords. This was not a warning about Marine Kelley's viewer or RLV in general. I have been impressed at the care that the RLV and RLVa developers have taken to balance role play and user safety. These viewer developers have also been attentive when we've had specific concerns in the past. There is a good reason that they can operate in the open and that they don't have to distribute their programs on anonymous file sharing sites. If you're ever in doubt about whether something is safe or allowed, their in-world groups may be a great place for discussions. Just don't ask Alyona. She seems mean. ?
  14. Second Life never ceases to be a fascinating place. Half the users want god access. Half want handcuffs they can never take off. Unfortunately, we can't always give people what they want. I have to be a wet blanket again: If a user runs a program that changes the user's email address to something the user does not control, the user has violated the Terms of Service. Full stop. There is a good chance that user will lose the account if the user doesn't have other identifying information on file. The account will be held, and the recovery process would be the same one used for other forms of account compromise. The previous mass rollback of email addresses for these users was a one-time courtesy that consumed a lot of internal resources. As we communicated to these users, it will not be repeated. Depending on the country where you live, you may violate local laws by falsifying or removing contact information on an account that is capable of monetary transactions. I can't provide specific legal guidance. Please consult an attorney if you wish to know more about your obligations, or the obligations of US and European based businesses. Encouraging users to run programs that falsify or remove email addresses is incitement to violate the ToS. Using or encouraging the use of such programs can be reported via "Abuse Report" under the "Help" menu. Please include the words "RLV" and "email" in your Abuse Report to better enable us to search for related reports. People's desire to role play or experience power exchanges is not something we've discouraged. But as a business operating in the US and Europe, we are subject to some incompatible obligations with regard to this particular account change. I would love to be able to say otherwise. Scripters should focus on mechanisms for better detecting RLV cheating. Falsifying or removing contact information such as a user's email address is a dead end. Edit: Added some details on abuse reporting
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