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  1. It's probably a ton of fun for them when the camera's following behind, so I'm not one to judge. More power to them if they want to pin those sliders to MAX. Just pray they stay out of the narrow aisles at the antique shop. 😜
  2. The modern understanding of physics did not prepare any of us for Generation Freya. Edit: In fairness, is that physics, or is that one of those always-active Booty Clapper HUDs?
  3. There was an expectation that people would be more comfortable with the addition of a general body physics system than a Baywatch-only mode. I was skeptical myself, but a number of people reacted positively. The combination of that and putting the physics options under the wearer’s control probably saved us from the upset that the Emerald version caused. The Emerald version was a great innovation from a feature standpoint, but the reactions to that version were also incredibly strong. Half the users demanded that we add the same option immediately, and half expressed hurt or concern.
  4. It is not a coincidence. ❤️
  5. Long-term investments work differently than what's in many of the previous investors' portfolios. Often it's not a case of whether investors like the companies they own; it's about maintaining a portfolio of companies that benefit from an investor's particular expertise. At this point, Second Life is appropriate for an owner who has expertise in long-term sustainability. It's not a flashy startup anymore. My perception is that an owner with long-term expertise is where we've ended up. I don't see Second Life as having passed into the hands of somebody who wants it to be something other th
  6. The initial question here was really smart. Many people don't understand that some people are oblivious to how they act. Or they don't understand the ways that others are likely to perceive their actions. Combine someone who's oblivious to how they are perceived with somebody who's certain every slight is deliberate? That's where the really dramatic clashes begin.
  7. We're incredibly lucky that Luca chooses to invest that time here. Our marketing team has acknowledged a few valuable contributions, including from the post you quoted.
  8. For a while premium-only destinations there were open to all. Reverting to the current state was intentional and a part of testing, but it's not indicative of a broader trend on the beta grid. If anything, we'd like more users testing and filing bug reports on aditi. Closing access would hurt that cause. If anyone else wants to get on aditi and doesn't already know how, you can find more details here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Aditi
  9. Thank you! I saw the tweet. While I'm not part of marketing, I'll make sure they get a link to this discussion. In the mean time, are there examples of other companies' marketing which you think our team should look to for inspiration or positive examples? Have you seen Second Life user-generated materials where you thought to yourself, "the Linden Lab marketing team should have been the ones doing this?" Those aren't just questions for Luca. I'm sure they'd value any useful examples or inspiration.
  10. So far I’m not able to get this to come up. I’ll keep trying, but if any of you still see it would you help by reporting it here? https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/policies/report-spam-form
  11. Okay, these are getting fun ❤️
  12. No disagreement on anything you've said. And yes, Google warns about putting their tag manager in an iframe: But between you and me, sometimes that's a feature. Even where there is a business need for these tags to be present (we don't add them on this particular page ourselves), it can be helpful to minimize the granularity of information provided.
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