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  1. They both sound classy. See - middle names is a good idea. If they had done that from the start it would have made it much easier for people to create the names they wanted when they were creating their avatar. But I do take your point about not delaying things for 3 years... or more. Still, February is almost gone, so surely name changes will be coming 'soon'.
  2. Hey, what about middle names? That would be cool.
  3. And another thing! What's this business about name changes being half the price if you become Premium Plus? That might be a good deal, but we don't know what Premium Plus will cost, or what else it will offer, or when it will launch, if ever. So do we hold off on the name changes? For how long? I guess I'll wait until a last name I really like shows up. Or just forget about the whole thing for a while.
  4. Put 'em both on the list, let the people choose!
  5. Have to say, very disappointed with the choice of winners. Sour grapes on my part I know. But I won’t choose any of these. I want to choose my own last name, damn you LL. Maybe I entered too many times, but why no love for: Mirage Chimera Cinnabar Incognito (I mean, come on!) MacGuffin Telosian (a Star Trek reference) Tumbleweed Havana Kashmir Casablanca Shaggybreeches Zarathustra Beelzebub Methuselah (a good one for us old-timers) And there were more, so many more. Now, I know they were never going to choose ‘PoutyMcPoutFace’ - but half of SL needs this name!
  6. I'm fairly certain that by 'the first five' she just means that the 5 winning names will be announced. I read somewhere that there would be 30 surnames to choose from at any one time, but that they would keep changing. Sorry but I can't remember where I read that. And though I think it was at least semi-official, it could change because they are still in the process of putting all this together.
  7. For those who are confused (like me) when trying to do this in Blender 2.8 - the 'Operator Presets' are now in the top right corner. You need the gear icon.
  8. The thing that annoys me about display names is that many people don't even have them turned on. So in a group chat you have people responding to both your display name and username. That gets confusing for the rest of the people in the chat. One thing I would say, and it applies to both RL and SL: your name is YOURS. You should have the right to change it whenever you want. You decide how it is spelt, how it is pronounced, everything. No one should even dare to intrude in that. That should be a fundamental human right. So I'm glad LL has finally introduced this. I do think $40 feels like too much. But I'm sure it will cost them a lot in ongoing user support once implemented. Let's just say I have a nasty feeling about this...
  9. Looking through the list of existing last names ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Current_Last_Names ) there are clearly some that have been very under-used - terrific options such as: UnitTestAsserting UnitTestAvatar UnitTestBands UnitTestBanks UnitTestBashfully... I quite like that last one... but there are dozens more like it. Someone didn't proofread that list of names, I suspect, though I can't say that I blame them.
  10. Does anyone know if you're allowed to enter the last names competition more than once? I've gone through the rules of the contest and can't find anything referring to that. I've got dozens of ideas for last names... (I also can't find any way to contact the Lindens to ask this question, but that's another matter).
  11. That parcel doesn't appear to be for sale or rent and was claimed nine months ago. Could you confirm the slurl please?
  12. Still available, though currently split into two halves. Both will be available to buy if you want them. Best to IM me or drop a notecard, or reply here for clarification. Open to offers.
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