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  1. On 7/28/2019 at 12:02 AM, y3sh said:

    or if you are a man would you date a bisexual female? i wouldn't in real life but i'm wondering if maybe since i feel a connection with this guy even though he tells me he's mostly interested in men and only 30 percent interested in women but is willing to date me because he likes me a try. i would like opinions. I am very unsure. 

    Totally and am. He's quite simply one of the most amazing people I've ever known...on or offline. Our relationship is open poly and it works mainly because he has mad relationship skillz. He's one of the few people I've met who is able to make each of his partners feel like the only person on earth. Which, in turn, makes it easy for us to be trusting, compassionate and to have compersion for both him and his other partners. We've been together a year and quite simply, I couldn't be happier and have never been happier with anyone.

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  2. I tend to agree with people who say that trolling is self-gratification. As Selene asks, 'is there any virtue in self-gratification?' My thought is, the virtue is minimal. Though, I'll admit, while I'm a rule-loving good girl...my friends tend to have a mischevious streak in them mile wide. None of them are actual griefers. Anymore.

    I have a good deal of reluctant affection for griefers.

    But when it comes to trolls. I got nothing for trolls.

  3. 3 hours ago, Amina Sopwith said:

    Interesting. I don't claim to be an expert, I have very little personal experience of this. It does seem to me, though, that if the entire thing really does last only as long as the SD has money and the SB is sexually pleasing, then that really is the other thing, and this is just a way to, well, sugar coat it. If you wouldn't stay with your SD after he lost his fortune, or you'd ditch your SB after she suffered some misfortune that meant she can't service you for a while in whatever terms, then it's not really a personal relationship, it's a business arrangement that's no longer being met.

    Agreed, particularly in RL. Though in SL...I'm not really sure if it's that straightforward. I'm sure there are some people who are attempting to pay bills sl/rl with this sort of relationship. But i wonder if more, if the transactional nature of it is the kink, as you explored in your comment.

    And this:

    3 hours ago, Amina Sopwith said:

    There used to be a repeat advert in the classified section of Private Eye, in the part where people begged for money to fund university or other worthy causes. Always made me laugh. It said: "Not needy, just greedy. Gimme!"

    It's just hilarious!

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  4. On 2/20/2019 at 10:35 AM, Amina Sopwith said:

    On a side note, is there a reason for the current influx of sugar babies? I know they've always been around in SL but I'm sure there weren't this many back in the day. Is it because mesh has increased the costs of beautifying and styling yourself?

    I think it's a mix of a few things, some which have been mentioned, your thought included. Another reason might be the huuuuuuge babygirl trend. Some parts of which have morphed into sugar babies. Only to be expected in a way. Some, after learning it was possible to be involved in a relationship where one can be cosseted and looked after, have opted for monetization. There's a definite kink involved on both sides, in my opinion, even when the relationship is mainly about convenience/expedience; there's a reason for going SB/SD route to meet the needs. 

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  5. I spent most of my time alone not long after I first began. Of the friends who were with me in the beginning, one left sl and the other, we have kind of lost track of each other day to day. But we still see each other sometimes.  I still like exploring, dancing at Sexy Nude Beach (great radio) or exploring. It was years before I found a social group. But then five years ago, I came back in to explore BDSM and found a fantastic community. 

    These days are spent with my very special puppy. So I rarely have time alone. But we've been talking about how to arrange some solitude for me. Time zones and schedules usually mean that when I log on he's been missing me for a bit. While I've been sleeping and/or working, so either unconscious or frenetic. Not a lot of opportunity for missing someone. We're not super good at alone time when we can be together, times I've tried it I've missed him like crazy.  But I know it's important because, without it, I get crazy myself. 

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  6. On 2/4/2019 at 3:22 PM, IvyLarae said:

    On a more serious note though I do see where you're coming from. I've had that pick off and on in my ( I've got it on both AJ's and Sabrina's, though I havent been on Sabrina's in Ages so I understand both picks are different on each) profile for almost a year and only a few have asked about it. I understand where my profile(s) can be pretty confusing, even after my efforts to make it less so. As for what I want...Maybe I do want a story based sort of D/S relationship then I do an actual one, I've never really thought about it ( I know, thats sad on my part, it just hadn't crossed my mind till now). 

    Don't feel bad, from what I've seen this is the primary stumbling block I've seen trip up a many a D/s relationship. We tend to assume the other person wants the same thing we do. It took an outsider to the SL BDSM community to see it clearly and put her thumb on the issue for me. And when she said it, 'that many people are here for roleplay and it doesn't occur to them that other's are looking for a serious relationship;' it really pissed me off. Because...well, I didn't want to believe it. Although I have found it to be true.  And all these years later, though I ought to know better, it is the foundational piece of information missing from my own pick.

    It sounds as if you'd like to begin with an open, rather than poly, relationship. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with defining the conditions under which you will get involved. I'm confused as to people's issue with it. You've stated what you want, it's right there in your pick. You're not asking people to climb into your box and explain to you why you shouldn't have your choices honored. It would be one thing if you were climbing into the IM's of prospective Dom/me's and demanding they accept your terms. 

    Personally, I'm fairly polycapable, but don't enjoy the 'family' dynamic. And I don't do restricted. I at least want the option of pursuing another relationship. Mostly because I find that while many dom/mes claim the title of poly, few are truly capable of managing more than one relationship at a time. A problem which leads to all manner of chaos. So if I'm going to do poly with someone, I refused to be shackled to 'sisters'. If a friendship with another of their subs develops naturally, fine. But these things are never successfully forced.

    I'm always clear from the outset. But you'd be amazed at the number of times I've had a dom smile and nod, then breeze right by my comments to start talking about how well I'll like being part of the family; or try to convince me of the wrongness of not being restricted. Silly. Do be more clear. Don't change your standards, unless you just feel like it. You'll run into someone willing to strike a deal eventually.


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  7. Find a person willing to act as your guide and discuss those things with them. In fact, feel free to message me, I'm happy to be your guide during this early stage. Welcome to SL.

    On 1/12/2019 at 8:27 AM, Silvian73 said:

    I began playing today, completed tutorial, visited some islands, but I completely don't understand this games

    1. Why my PC, that can run Battlefield V on ultra and Ark:Survival Evolved on high in 40 FPS have lags in this game with so *****ty graphics(Even Half-life 2 of 2004 look better)?

    2.I don't understand what and why can/should I do in this game.

    Explain me this please.


  8. 'Love exciting and new, come aboard,

    We're expecting you

    And love, won't hurt anymore'

    Anyway, Yes I'm here for the love. I love to men here and two friends. Oh yes and the writer's group, I love that. And The BDSM discussion circuit. I'm totally addicted to that. Oh and clothes. I love them. Apart from the former and pretty beaches with good radios and classy dance venues...I can't think...oh wait and cool explory places. i can't think why i keep coming back. 

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  9. I have a pretty lengthy block list, mostly objects; sometimes the people attached to them...if I couldn't get it to shut up any other way. apart from that, I tend to use block as a way of 'walking away from an argument' with strangers or people I don't know that well, whom I would like to become strangers. I'm not averse to the occasional tussle with an idiot, but once i'm no longer having fun, block is awesome for really saying, 'i'm done with this'; unblocking them after a few hours. The only time I've really had to use block consistently was for an ex who wasn't that into me, but once I stopped dating him decided to annoy me during discussions I facilitated; and his ex who stalked me when she found out he'd started dating me.  Apart from that, there are a few annoying people on the BDSM discussion circuit whose voices I have turned all the way down. That's about it. 

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  10. On 1/12/2019 at 11:02 AM, Jordane Mikoyan said:

    V4nessa18, I have to agree that avatars of color are rarer in SL than in RL,  but the reason could be as simple as fewer people of color in RL have the resources to game in SL, and not all that many whites would prefer to play a minority avatar.  Not racism, but lack of time, money, hi-speed internet, and literacy could all play there part.  Also, few skin designers in SL care to design skins and shapes for people of color, which are more than skin tones; eye shape, lips, skull shape, hip size, breast shape and size all go into designing non-white avatars.

    As far as not receiving purchases items:  have you Becker "received items" at the very bottom of your inventory box?  That is where they should show up.

    Jordane Mikoyan 

    I don't think she said or implied it was racism, just that she wanted a way to get in touch with black people who are in sl. There are plenty of us, some of us have avatars which reflect our skin color and others...Well let's say there are any number of people of various ethnicities in sl who are 'here but hiding' or just choosing to experience it in an avatar whose race is different from their own. 

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  11. 29 minutes ago, ThorinII said:


    I 'm not someone who talks behind another person's back about them. I rather address things with this person privately, so that I don't involuntarily make them feel slammed in front of others. Should someone have felt attacked by my posts here - sorry, but I can't know whether or not they fall under the category "caricature" without seeing them.

    Why do I feel the need to comment/What I hope to accomplish? I think the closest reason is to make them rethink their choice of shape.
     I mean, nothing against having full lips - but those carp mouths I mentioned are a caricature-like exaggeration of full lips. Nothing against having a curvy avatar - but arses where a full-sized helicopter could land on, and pumpkin-sized breasts which you need "Lolas" or other items for are caricature-like exaggerations of being curvy. Nothing against a muscular shape - but those shapes with muscles upon muscles some men are wearing, are even exaggerations of an RL bodybuilder's body. And so on. So, in my opinion, much less is better in those cases. And that, I'm telling the wearers of these avatars - albeit in ironic manners.


    Hmm...Okay. So for you, it's about helping the person see themselves as others may, in hopes they'll make choices you (and by extension, possibly others) find more pleasing. That's interesting.

    I was right in my post in thinking, it's not a reason I would ever consider. If someone has (to my mind) poor taste, it a) doesn't occur to me that my offering advice on any one particular issue would help them with the taste issue, and 2) doesn't occur to me to care they had bad taste.

    Thank you for answering! Truly the reasoning was totally passing me by. I appreciate the explanation. 

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  12. @ThorinII and maybe others. Snarkiness aside, and this is me asking out of genuine curiosity.  I've forgotten that I have a slightly higher than normal curiosity threshold when it comes to my fellow beings. But it's in odd places. For instance, if there is a disturbance outside, the likelihood that I won't even glance out the window is high. I am just not interested. On the other hand I'm fascinated by everyday conversations in public places. How people whose lives are interrelated behave with one another and what might that mean, etc. That's probably the writer thing.

    Car accidents, people being pulled over, people fighting...zero interest. So probably, in this conversation, I've not made enough allowances for how people see things differently. Because honestly, hand on heart, for another avatar's proportions to trigger my interest is a rare thing.  Right now, as I sit thinking about why I don't feel the need to comment, I realize it's mostly because I'm just not interested. It's not that I'm a super special nice person.

    When the curvier avatars first came out, it was note/comment-worthy because it was such change from the super skinny thing that was popular during my early days in SL. I know I must have commented to a friend. But it's impossible for me to fathom circumstances where I'd feel a need to mention it to the person. Again, not holding back, just not interested.

    But my interest in other people is triggered by quite odd things, probably. Long way around to ask a question out of sincere curiosity.

    What motivates you to address someone's appearance with them? What are you thinking/feeling/hoping to accomplish? That is if you feel like answering. No judgment. I think we all know where each other stands on the rightness or wrongness of doing so, so I won't be re-hashing that.

    And not 'the person should expect/be okay with blank if they wear/are thus and so'.

    But why do you feel a need to comment to them?

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  13. 13 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       It's funny how the thread has gone from 'everyone must respect everyone at all times because feelings' to 'I don't like your arguments, so I don't like you - are you going to get lost now?'.

    I don't think I said that everyone must respect everyone at all times. It isn't something I believe. At some point, you get what you give as far as I'm concerned.  And when it comes to the opinions expressed, people can share them as much as they want. My reaction is not guaranteed. Though to be fair, my response was a little cranky.

    We all have peeves. One of mine is when people roll up in a conversation and attempt to place themselves above the dialogue by saying, 'your feelings are invalid, because my thus and so RL experience proves it'.

    Given that Waleu conducted a reasonable amount of this as she says, in b*tch mode"; surely she can take it. 

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  14. 17 hours ago, Akasha Sternberg said:

    This is gonna be my Rezday party folks^^ though I might have a small get together at either my home or the hangout on Tuesday....or the following Sunday (21st - my late evening, SL noon-afternoon) as my RL birthday is 3 days after the rezday so party hardXD

    Happy Rezday!!!! Do many celebrate their rezdays with parties and such? What's your best one so far?

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