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  1. Like Leora, I hope so too. I don’t care for the ranch homes.
  2. I cannot find where the colors of the borders are explained. Red, Yellow, Purple, White, etc.
  3. My friend is really interested in the Vic and will try for it. Thanks for posting.
  4. @Teresa FirelightI heard you could do it but couldn’t figure out how to. I think you have to ask support to do it for you. So I logged in as her and upgraded her—I am the techie and have her password to assist her—and then sent her a gift certificate in the same amount to use at Amazon.
  5. I gifted my best friend a Premium Plus but she only wants a Victorian on the water with access to the ocean and fairly near a boat rezz area. I spent hours trying to find one and gave up. The Vic’s that become available on the land theme selection page are not keepers. I guess we wait for whatever they release for 2048sqm. Any rumors about when that will happen?
  6. A friend rolled a stilt on water and is going to abandon it at 7:30am SLT. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Albacore/132/216/0 It is the red one.
  7. Is that only photographs taken inworld of things and people in Second Life?
  8. I agree that where one can go by water is important. I have never been interested in flying. I prefer walking, sailing and train. Years ago we had working trains and ferries in Caledon that ran on schedules. We also had underwater tunnels. It made it more fun for me. When I got a LH parcel, I checked for a nearby place to put in my boat and abandoned land until I found the perfect spot in Malamute. I am happy I can sail from my place to other places I want to visit. A friend has been struggling to find such a place for weeks.
  9. Does in maintenance mean that it is not available yet in the land store? I am really new at this as I just got a Premium account a few weeks ago. I have been in SL since 2006, but gone for a lot of years.
  10. I just downloaded client 2.7.1 (232828) Jun 13 2011 for the Mac and cannot see profiles or groups. At least the DNS problem is now fixed.
  11. I cannot connect with new Mac client downloaded 10 minutes ago. Claims DNS problems. It is NOT>
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