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  1. The stilt house selection menu isn't rezzing a house for us, can someone tell us who we should contact? Thank you much.
  2. Thank you! I must have been overlooking it, somehow. Much appreciated!
  3. I'm having the same problem with mine! I contacted Quartz Mole, and he removed the stacked houses while I was offline. Well, I just signed in, and now I don't have a house at all! LOL! The rezzer is completely broken. Can someone tell me where to find the link for filing a ticket? https://gyazo.com/3b798ed1bdef0a088a1c0587fc3ca3eb
  4. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, as am I. I've just learned that this forum isn't the place to have one, at least for me. I became the new target from one well intended post, and yes, judged for it. Good luck to all who are still waiting for a home. Peace and blessings.
  5. That's not me judging, they are facts, if you read through the chat history.
  6. I agree with you. I wasn't saying she should be entitled to constantly complain here. It seemed to just get her going even more when people responded to her, so it seemed the best way was to ignore it, and eventually (maybe, maybe not) she would stop. I don't know if that would help, but I do know she's been posting this way for a while, so she'll probably be back on the next release day, if not sooner. So, everyone can just keep poking to make her growl louder, or simply leave her alone, and maybe she'll tone it down. That's what I was saying, and I was attacked from all sides for it. It makes me wonder if she started out with a simple, frustrated post, and it grew into what it is now. If you read my original post, I wasn't the least bit hateful. I was suggesting a solution, and from that, had my words and my supposed intentions twisted and thrown back at me. I've never enjoyed these forums because of this very thing, and only started now because of the new homes. I'll find another way to get the info I need, to avoid this.
  7. I wasn't judging anyone, Layla. What I was saying in my original post was that as people continuously responded to her with their own snarkiness, it just made her react even more. It wasn't helping anything, and the better course of action was to simply ignore her. If my post is being perceived as nasty and judgmental, I can't do anything about that. But I'm beginning to see how it may have developed into what it did with the member who was complaining. My post has been blown into something it absolutely wasn't. I was simply saying it was best to ignore her, and to try to be a better human about it. I was attacked for that. Wow.
  8. Of course, Sylvia. I was "judging" her by repeating what she said to me, and her response of taking my post personally.
  9. I certainly did not say I know what's happening in everyone's world. I said the opposite in my post. NO ONE does. If attacking me for adding my opinion about this makes you feel important, Beth, more power to you. I'll even let you have the final say, so you can insult me again with another " You, my dear, don't know what's happening in anyone's world." and "But thank you for the lecture." I was not the least bit unkind in my post, and it was not directed at only you. You chose to see it as a personal insult. I've said what I wanted to say, and that's it for me. Carry on, in whatever manner makes you feel good.
  10. Because of RL obligations, I knew I was going to miss today's release, so I came here to see which one it was, some general info, etc. While following the chat, I noticed one particular person (not mentioning names) who is frequently venting her frustration over not getting a perfectly located home. Many of you were responding to her posts in an equally snippy way, and this makes no sense to me at all. Why keep it going? If reading her posts rankles your nerves, it's simple. Don't read them. But, if you're quoting her and adding your own sarcastic or snarky remarks, you're truly not any better. And sure, you could say the same about me for adding this post to the mix. The difference is, mine is purely intended as a gentle reminder that even the crabbiest of us are people, too. You don't know what's happening in their world. You don't know why something like this is so important to them. Don't judge. People are going to complain, that's just human nature for many. However, those who rant without an audience, will quiet down a lot faster once they realize no one is listening. Peace, all.
  11. I sometimes wonder if they're releasing one or two at a time, just to see how fast we all jump!
  12. Whether or not this affects me personally, if it makes the creators leave, then my reason for being here is gone, too. I haven't been a resident for all of these years just to float in pixel space. It's the wonderful creators and what they've turned this fantasy world into, that has kept me here.
  13. I am not "absolutely furious" Beth Macbain. This game would have to be a lot more important to me, for that kind of reaction.
  14. The large print isn't what sounds snarky, this part is : your mother's birth certificate, fingerprints, DNA, first born child, a goat, or a blood sacrifice if you purchase Linden dollars and spend them in Second Life. People should be able to ask questions, even be mistaken or misunderstand something, without sarcasm being thrown their way. This is why I've rarely posted on forums in my 11 years isl.
  15. Well, that's all I need to know! The search for new entertainment continues..
  16. I received an email, but I don't take money out of SL. However, I do spend a lot in world. I don't like having to give them my social security number, and I really don't like it that this announcement happened after I paid a year's premium for my daughter, and myself. I don't know if they have a new guy running things who's trying to make an impression, or if Linden just wants to make people leave. There's a lot I don't like about it now, the new Linden Homes situation being an example, and I can't help wondering what they may throw at us next. I've been isl for 11 years, but most likely, I'll be in the group that leaves. I've heard of Sansar, but I don't know much about it. Is it run by Linden's?
  17. Wow, gone again! I really wish they would choose one day a week for a release, so we didn't have to do this at 3 different times. Yesss, I know there isn't a way to make everyone happy, but how about shooting for less stressful? Yes, please!!
  18. No, I'm on Jamesborough, the lag is too bad to get any closer! I can say it's next to the earlier release, because it was right by this one, with the same red box. https://gyazo.com/225f74916eff31606243098c8908718d
  19. I still see this region that has passed QA. Maybe there will be 2 today? Or it could be Wednesday's release. Sighs. https://gyazo.com/225f74916eff31606243098c8908718d
  20. I got that, too, earlier. Just start a new page, it fixes the problem.
  21. I saw the same thing, the alarm sounded but it still showed the old homes. I had to click the menu to check and by then, too late!
  22. No, I'm set at 3 seconds, too. I started a new page and now it's fine. Good luck!
  23. I have an error message on the Linden Homes page now. Does anyone else have that? https://gyazo.com/3134637b9a656a7c0cdb0fd8c0c94177
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