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  1. I normally don't respond to the rare lashing out by unhappy former tenants. However, seeing as the only response I recieved from Kat after THREE messages to her, letting her know her rent was in arrears. was a link to her posting here, I am happy to give the details she has failed to. We are very generous with our grace period when a tenant falls into arrears, especially if they communicate with us during it. Our rent boxes send remindersdaily that rent is soon due 3 days before it expires and then daily to tell them it is in arrears. After 4 days of rent being in the red and 3 more messages from me personally to her having gone unanswered, we reclaimed the land, hit return on the land to return the items and set it back up for rent. Tenants sometimes leave SL or move to a different land and don't feel the need to tell us or respond. I do more than needed to attempt to contact them, as I did Kat. To assume that a landowner knows, looks or is required to look to see if any objects on the land are no copy, is absurd. As we all know, the excuses of only logging in once a week and/or not recieving IM's to email, is the tenants choosing and does not abscond them from keeping current if they want to retain their land.. It is the tenants responsiblilty when they agree to the covenant, to maintain their rent payments or have the land reclaimed. As with most covenants, ours also has a clause stipulating that objects lost upon return are not our responsibility. A covenant is a contract that is agreed to. I also sent a private message to Kat after she sent me this link, explaining how to clear inventory cache and check for coalesced objects.Also that if she had kept her rent current or had at least responded to one of my messages, she would have avoided this dilemna. I also asked if she intended to pay for the rent owed. Again, she did not bother to reply. I wish Kat much luck and happiness in her Second Life adventures.
  2. A Wishlist would be a fabulous idea, Rival!
  3. Thanks Ciaran, None of the offered workarounds give me any results. The constant logging in and out is becoming exuasting.
  4. With the JIRA being positviely USELESS in following isues, is there any timeleine for when thistexture problem is going to be fixed?
  5. Ash, I am sure anyone with some DMCA filing experience would be happy to help you outside the forums. These places tend to breed alot of hostile, know-it-all behavior, especialy towards people such as you looking for a little help and hand holding, which is why most of us stay away from the forums. If you need some help, dont be afraid to IM me in world.
  6. My post was not a complaint; it was a sharing of experience to the OP. Please do not make it out to be more than that.
  7. Successful in this case means the content was removed, though apparently not fully from inventory as the offender would simply put it back out. Or in one instance, gave it to his alt to sell. In once case the offender sent it all out, full perm, to a group right after coming back from a suspension. As for the rest, I can only tell you my personal experience: a dozen DMCA's and about as many TM violation claims, which has been just as I said. The mistakes, inaccuracies, failure to complete, misinterpretaions etc on their part have been unmistakable and it has taken vigilance,determination and a lot of patience to get them to follow thru on their part.
  8. Knowl I'm not sure why this is response to me, as it has nothing to do with my comments, unless misinterpreted or assumptions made.
  9. The most a person seems to ever get is a ban for a few days or a week. I have succesfully filed a DMCA against the same individual 5 times and he is still in world. Based on experience, LL does not do a very good job protecting the average SL creator and TM owner and historically acts as judge and juror when responding to a DMCA or trademark infringment when that is not their job. There have been RL lawsuits out there as a result which were succesful in protecting the content creator.. Just don't give up fighting the issue and make sure if they make a call that you know is wrong, come back at them with facts and proof.
  10. dissapointing, but thats what I come to expect from LL. I also expect to see many more good organizations leave for greener pastures.
  11. No, there's plenty of homesteads - right before the freezing of the GF tier, there was a mad scramble by large estates to buy as many as they could. However, you arent seeing many for sale now because those who are giving theirs up, are just abandoning them back to LL. Right now, they have little retail value beyond the transfer fee. I see most go for about 125. Thats 25US left over for the seller and with tickets taking a donkeys year to be processed, its not worth it, unless they are selling in lots of 3. The past few policy changes regarding land has absolutely devastated what was once a thriving & active part of SL. Now you can't even give away land...including mainland.
  12. There has been NO final word on what will happen in January regarding grandfatered status. Please don't perpetuate rumours.
  13. I doubt you will get a refund, but you CAN sell it privately to some one else. The going rate for a full sim right now is about 450-475 if it has a lot of tier left on it. Look for the in world group "For Sale By Owner". They will help you. You could also rent it out near to cost for now untill you figure out what to do. If you want a bit of guidance, contact me in world, Sybille and I'll try to help steer you in the right direction.
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