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  1. ah it was IBM. That was an unfortunately decision to not have hypergrid. You can't have a billion users with just one or two centers. That was promised in 2007, a billion or more users. Most of the virtual worlds have disappeared, even free ones. Let's keep SL going and add hypergrids. You don't need SL Beta-- just have hypergrid for $100 a year. With RPi4 or whatever, you can have 4-regions or more for about 10 amps for each server at about $60 -150; or get an Intel NUC for more money but it is x64 or get a cheap laptop. And it doesn't matter if you have Windows, Mac, or Linux. I would be willing to give away a complete server system for the price of what a RPi4 or NUC at cost with all that you need but it has to have hypergrid.Or anything that is better than hypergrid.
  2. well i joined in oct 2007 with LL said that serverwas going public, open source, the next year. I was looking for vworlds servers and found SL and it had somethings going for it. Then i think in 2008 there was a problem at LL and some people were let go. I was in the middle of possible getting a job at LL but then it went haywired. First the server was not going to be open source, but the client would still be open source. Then 1/3 to 1/2 of the people left the company and i decide to look elsewhere myself. That when i discover Opensimulator (OS). Now Opensim is a different project and i was a member of that too. But Opensimulator was the SL-type. Then several things happened, i dont remember which years any more. But IBM and Intel was interested in SL and they had several project including hypergrid. Hypergrid would make it possible for people to run their own server and hooked into the SL main. I find it interest that there was problems with hypergrid since it was still be developed. Opensimulator has some problems, but most of those went away but it never reach 1.0; its still at 0.9 something. And i don't think it is a real project any more. In the process, SL made it more difficult to connect with OS. First they took out the fact you could connect to Opensimulators by a switch. And SL bought the site that was independently run and put it in the bin never to be seen again. It was for SL and OS. They replaced it with their Marketplace but you can't had anything on it for OS. The fact is the LL was trying to bypass OS by offering a one-region server for $50,000 but they didn't have a market. I would pay $100 a year for 4-region with hypergrid running on an small device.
  3. i am dealing with a multiuser virtual studio. but tonight i went to source filmmaker-- a valve software-- and saw how they make posters. they dont use any composition, but they had a matte sky. looking at how a movie poster would be done, it would be harder in second life. the hardest part, there is no way to animation without going back and forth in some other 3D package. http://sourcefilmmaker.com/post.php?id=8026&p=1 maybe i am the weird one, but if you had a chance like source filmmaker but for second life, would you want to try it?
  4. ah thanks. i forgot about those documents. i should be ok, since i have a fairly recent snowstorm. am using BJD doll for right now but since i cant find a bjd model for 3D. instead i use a sl mesh from a store.
  5. for the deforming mesh, i have no idea how to use it. will it give me a mesh that i can use in second life. or do i have special rules to use it. where is the button for the deforming mesh?
  6. well i am having trouble fitting clothes and accessories in general (blender). right now, i am working on the mayadoll and converting to something similar to this: i am also using ball-jointed doll so i need to cut up the mayadoll *from DollCoCo* of course this right now mayadoll and robotic is too dense for second life. but i want to use the same model for the high-end and for sl. but for second life. so i am interest in what kind of things i could use -- hair, clothes, attachment. or create something different. i have no plans on selling anything but i would want to have a standard model so that other people can wear whatever. i want a standard the we have agreed to so i can experiment with these models and bring them to second life/opensim.
  7. or... ... little more then a doll, this is a blender file.
  8. 6847636252984 twist to the right, twist to the left, jump up i am working on the mayadoll but i think BJD is better.
  9. for the last few days i have look for ball-joint doll in 3D. i found a couple for almost $300. i know the there is one in second life that is mesh and a few others that are skins. there are no free skins or meshes that you can use and modified yourself. BJD is the prefect body/head for our meshes. you can even have a body parts and pose it. and of course you can have it will new skins, tats, and such. the extension can be very nice too. you could model a 4-legged creature, or whatever. it could be a diorama with a few BJD meshes. i would like it to be .obj so that is can be used in zbrush, 3dsmax, blender, or other. i have one now that is a mayadoll. i like it better than makehuman but it has to be cut up and add joints. but with BJD we can have a standard and use that. better yet is a fully BJD in blender with the head/body, some clothes, animations, and painted correctly for sl. what do you think?
  10. most people dont know that i started the digital puppet workshop. it had several member but i promised to start a new group. well, i didnt. but now there is avastar for blender and the sl client will support .anim. there could be how to rig for avatars with mesh, even for non-human creatures. i would hope that the npcs would be in there too, but right now all i can chase is boxes. so far the name recommendation is "animating sl". any other idea? **added** for more information on anim http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/avastar-anim-format/
  11. i did create circus mischief group in sl but havent done much with it. there are two goals: -phantastic faeries, escape from wonderland, and other stuff -finding new ways to do machinima right now, i see the iclone can use DAZ animations for its animations i dont know how much can be done but i would rather have a virtual studio where a few projects are done and there is characters, buildings, clothing, and then return with the video project is over. just like a real studio. maybe mischiefworks studio. some of it can be done by an external program such as blender/blender game engine. but then someone has to build the interface from the bge to sl. something like realXtend did with their blender/ogre/realxtend server.
  12. if you look at iclone 5 is has the ability to do mocap including kinect. for $150, you do a kissing that is actually on the lips not in the middle of the head. the problem is that every software developer works on their own version and rarely interface without anything else. for example, there is 3D animation in DAZ but you can not use to the advanced features because its in their format. you can use bvh like in poser but cant import your terrains or objects. blender has collada for sl. well kinda. but why have an sl version for export? maybe one of the feature of sl client is to have a gateway that you use for you developments and connect with the sl client. they do that with several software now so it allows it to "xchange it" -- like zbrush and maya. then you can work on the machinima toolset and interface it with the sl client and see the action. you can even have kinect until you are blue in the face and then send over the bvh files.
  13. i know that the sl client had the abiility record an avatar actions and replay them. i think its still there somewhere. but no clue on what you use to edit the actions or how to combine them with other actions. they also had a video that would work, but never got it to work for myself. i use fraps instead. but fraps is good at capture actions but you need additional software to to do the clips.
  14. except for some commerical ventures-- such iclone, massive, and movie*some*or*other-- no one has really made software that focuses on machinima. half life and unreal has apis that you can use. unity has api that you can use. even gargegames has apis. but no one deals with machinima itself. and there is no open source at all. but i feel there needs to be more machinima features. i could cover some of this, but i would rather hear from you.. one that second life can deal with, one that opensim with the right client can deal with. we cant do anything about second life server, but i think we can do something about the client. and opensim, we can do something and maybe get LL involved after the fact. i would rather LL be involved from the start. what do you want for your future machinima ?
  15. this is too much for meshes. it should go into the machinima forum.
  16. we should have a new category: avatars and characters. then we can include pathfinding and navmesh and new animations to support that. i have made a new category and my site but all i get is spammers. http://misfits.mischiefworks.net/index.php?topic=979.0
  17. yes. i have been with opensim since 0,2 or 0,3, have also run client/servers from realXtend too, including tundra. the sandboxes are not for most people. but it is a good way to have a basic system and then addons.for pathfinding, you have to do client and server stuff. for inventory client, maybe you have to do only client stuff. for dynamic animation (which was abandon by LL) you had to do client and server stuff. i know for meshes, opensim had to go with modrex (a plugin) which realXtend did for their client but let opensim use it.
  18. do we need a home sandbox for second life where you can import/export to second life? a partial or complete component-base system with aditi features or other addons. a sandboxes can be use for all sort of things and not have the objects returned every N hours. a clothing designer could have a warehouse fully of clothes and transfer when needed to second life. a game designer could use character models (npcs) for experimenting. you need a hole opening in the client and one for the server (minimum), a limited of how many people can log on, and callable functions. for second life they dont have to show anything they dont want to, especially the server-side since it is never go to be release. certain things cannot be public such as 2k x 2k sq. meter regions or regions that is over 15k prims. but on a home system, you could have it. even for a fee, it would be worth it, something that is reasonable for us mere mortals
  19. i tried too. it gave me a violation; Permission Violation It seems that you have tried to perform an operation which you are not permitted to perform. If you think this message is wrong, please contact your JIRA administrators.
  20. i think this is a normal blender behavior. thanks for your workaround. i have seen in it buildings too. we should have a blog/FAQ where this information is shared.
  21. i thought you could do your aniimation then export the bvh file. i guess not. there is a module for the conversation to second life that works for 3.0. i havent used it myself. DAZ doesnt give much information about second life and bvh. i didnt know you could load the second life model objects as avatars into DAZ. wouldnt it make the convertor to second life sort of useless? rightt now i am trying with 4.0 and genesis but i think my 3.0 and 4.0 got messed up. i can find my vic 4 now. i have one model thatt is 3.0 that i use for testing. but i would rather see genesis and have animations even though you cant use it in sl. i talk to poser developers at siggraph a few years ago. they werent interesting in make game stuff. the thing, if we can make a model in DS 4.0 and put in animation and then export fbx, and dae that would make me happy for right now. maybe i should go into DS 3.0 /DS 4.0 and remove everything and start all over again, including my vic/mic 4.0 and then rest of the stuff i have.. then i can be certain what i have.
  22. what i like to know is about the developers program. at one time, it was going to have client and server. the server never happened of course. the client is too much specific for one version and locked in. we have a snowstorm which look like v3. there is nothing new in snowstorm that you dont get from v3. the script language still is LSL and if there is c#, i cant find it. what about animations? as far as realms goes, what does that mean for developers? is that part of the server side npcs and pathfinding or some other part. i went to one part of realms and got lost. some of the stuff for meshes is good, but not enough. i get more by listening in to the meshes volunteers like how to have double box so you cant see the transparencies. and sandboxes. they should have more than a few hours limit. some of this stuff take some time to develop. a standalone sandbox for $99 wouild be ok for me especially if you can transferred you work. or even $299 if it was a megaregion.
  23. yes, i have gotten 4,0 and will do some stuff with genesis in jan. makehuman is behind DAZ but both are going in the same direction. one good thing about makehuman is that a lot of the stuff is in python. it doesnt make me sleepy like c++ does. but you have to make a naked body to import to blender. then you can add the clothes and attachments. hahaha. in theory. blender does not allow fbx but i think DAZ does. and maybe i have it wrong about dae. i was reading the other day that some one had a fbx and converted to dae with the materials. i havent seen that before so i dont know what they are doing. i got a scenebuilder for ogre yesterday so i dont have use realXtend. for sl we have a extra file that looks like a material file. i tried to get someone to explain to me what that is. no other dae software use that. you have to keep it simple for me to understand it.
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