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  1. You can try some of these on the SLM. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Starbase-Medical-Bay-37-prims/5977684 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tech-Kit-Set-09-Medical-Beds-Exosphere/10718020 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Starbase-Surgery-Unit-28-prims/7209968 Last one even has a robot surgeon you can use to perform operations.
  2. Hi Laufiair, I expect you have tried this already, but there are several furry-related groups in SL and it might be worth asking for help in one or more of those. If you're not a member yourself, or don't wish to become one, then contact someone in the group (the members list is on one of the group info tabs) and ask them to submit your query. Good luck.
  3. Please contact me about landscaping, Nonvideri. I have 10 years of experience and have landscaped hundreds of sims. I can show you around some examples, of needed.
  4. Have i understood this right? I have a platform this size, and I have put a dome covering it. 1000 prims? Not quite, it's only 2 prims!
  5. Check out our home at the Eden Victoria sim. We chose to live in a beautiful Victirian Manor. Privacy settings can always be added by a simple security orb. Not high prim, either. It even has an attic!
  6. I'm sure you will find your kit, or something very dimilar, is already available on the Second Life Marketplace. Have you checked?
  7. Not sure what you mean by 'pile ups'.
  8. I have a thriving marketplace store selling domestic furniture and it has a strong brand identity. Now I have created a new line of products specifically for the Science Fiction Role Play community. This will also have its own separate brand identity aimed squarely at a different audience. If I add these new line items to my existing store, it will be a complete marketing mess. I am loathed to create a new avi just so I can create a new store for these items. Is there a way to legitimately use one avi to run two or more disparate business brands?
  9. To check if you actually bought an item, see if you can submit a review for it on the Marketplace. If you never bought it, you will be advised that only purchasers are able to leave comments. Oncy you know that you bought it, try contacting the creator, who I'll have their own records.
  10. "Outfits that contain links to other inventory items"? I'm unfamiliar with this feature. What exactly is it? I'm on Phoenx and intending to swap to Firestorm. Oh, and I remember using Lucky Chairs starting up! And the awe I felt when I saw my first flexiprim!
  11. May I suggest the Eden Naturist Estate? It covers many sims, is set in contemporary time and has optional residency. Take a look at the web site f you want. You'll find everything you need to know at http://edennaturistestate.wordpress.com
  12. At the risk of making a complete fool of myself, I've made it a JIRA. Here's the link. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7187
  13. We know that a prim in SL can contain items under the content tab. But suppose the contents of a prim contained folders and sub folders such as those in the inventory. And what if those folder trees to be visible from within the inventory? These prims could act as a form of storage for inventory items, making inventories load faster and contain shorter lists. These prims can be kept rezzed, or, if taken into the inventory, they can be opened and their content-tree can be visible and managed within the inventory. This should make loading inventories much faster (as it does when objects are placed within objects and taken into the inventory, but should make the management of such prim-object containers much easier and more intuitive. At the very least, we should be able to have a tree structured folder system for storage inside the contents of prims.
  14. I've had an idea that should improve everyone's experience of the SL inventory and make it more efficient. It should also reduce the inventory load time and reduce the size of it. But where can I make sch a suggestion? Do I need to make out a JIRA? Or is there an SL suggestion box somewhere? 
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