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  1. I wonder about that. I'm currently running on a three-year-old Core2Duo 2x2GHz notebook with an ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4570 (512 MB). With everything set to low and 5 people around I still cannot guarantee as much as 10 fps (average around 7-10 fps), with some options not-as-low (e.g. shiny/bumpmap and basic shaders enabled) its another 1 to 2 fps lower. Other games... In order to avoid an abundance of lag, I run Fallout New Vegas (2008 or 2007) at lowest settings (1280x800). Oh yes, I'm still using Phoenix Viewer, because switching to Viewer3 or derivatives reduces frame rates even more by inserting video freezes every now and then. Is The GT520M really sufficient? Based on the benchmarks (3DMark2006 etc.) it doesn't look THAT much better, to expect it working fine at ultra settings with Viewer 3. The other thing is though, that I'm logging into second life over a officially 16 MBit ("up to 16 Mbit" sadly, meaning, that it gets highly unreliable when set higher than 6Mbit, allowing effectively at most 700kbyte/s download rate) over n-WLAN. (While being a bottleneck I don't see how this would impede fps after staying at the same place for an hour thugh). Side question: Does Quadcore make sense for SL?
  2. They are going to kick out invisprims? Oo Sounds quite questionable, as it will render many baught items useless... Mesh is not yet an option for me anyway, as I'm using third party viewers. I couldn't live without the local texture and Edit-Window-Math features Though its good to know, that indeed it is hopeless for now.
  3. I was intending to make an outfit, that requires me to hide parts of one arm. The obvious solution seemed to be alpha textures, but well... The same texture is used on both arms, same as for feet. Somehow this doesn't seem TOO terribly plausible to me; Is there any way other than ugly looking invis prims to work around that problem?
  4. Well, it's meant mostly for my own use and I'm using only one shape, so... How would it work then? Manually adjusting with a posing stand is quite a pain; Whenever I think, I finally got two adjacent objects aligned to the joint, in some other pose they are off again.Their distance didn't even seem to be converging. Especially when I have later to readjust the angle of an object to fit multiple joints (e.g. ankle and knee) that "trying until it fits" approach is pretty annoying.
  5. Hello! Is there any reasonably easy way to position prims on an avatar such that, when the joints are bent, two specific points in the attachments on bones next to each other will not be shifted off each other? That is, I want to center elements of the neighboring attachments to the joint of the avatar skeleton. In particular I'm trying to make prim based pants (for my own use, so fitting to different shapes is no concern), but so far I can't see how to make the knees look properly during avatar movement or when sitting. It's not limited to pants though. When working on my mechanical avatar, its a big issue all the same. Using Phoenix-Viewer's "Show Collision Skeleton" gives a little help, but has now turned out too little precise.
  6. Well, sadly it doesn't help much. It's not the strafing which is of primary importance but rather the mouse-turning. I know you can get this type of control by holding [Alt], but this makes Second Life beyond unergonomic. Well, more arcade like controls (Press down -> run and face backward) would be okay too :-)
  7. Hello! I wondered, whether it's possible to get mouselook-alike controls while not being in mouselook? That is turning by mouse movement (without keeping the mouse button pressed all the time), strafing by default... It would be sort of useful for melee combat, probably even for 3d person ranged combat. Though being useful for both would require the solution to make scripts optionally think the client being in mouselook mode or not (CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON vs CONTROL_LBUTTON).
  8. I assumed so, though... How long does this stay true? If I check once per second, the reloading would feel laggy, if I check every 0.001 seconds I'd expect it to cause lag, no matter how little script time every event takes. What range would be lag-safe for the timer?
  9. Hello! The only way I know to detect leaving or entering mouselook is polling llGetAgentInfo. This sounds unnecessarily costly though for many usages. Especially I want to get a weapon to reload when leaving mouselook in order for my RP-weapons (flame thrower, flare) to behave the same as the official weapons supplied for SL Midgar. Having a timer event executed every few tenth of a second seems pretty laggy though.
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