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  1. At best this requires jail breaking, which throws out some of iOS' advantages. Also, if an app can only be installed through jail breaking, it's reach becomes extremely niche, so I doubt Linden Lab will go through with the project, if it can't get into the app store. If they have to block users from accessing even potentially adult content though, I won't be able to access my usual hangout places None of the Sims I am interested in are rated less than M.
  2. Depending on what you want to do, this doesn't really matter. For hanging out somewhere chatting, a mobile app would be incredibly useful, as it would allow remaining part of the conversation while reading on the sofa. Also, I somehow got a better framerate on Lumiya (Galaxy S7) over my PC (GTX 1050), so I'm not even sure if the performance disadvantage is all that big. If there were an iOS app, or even just a touch-friendly companion app for in-home streaming, I'd likely use that over a desktop client most of the time.
  3. I'm not sure, how most people intend to use these services. For me, the main purpose would be to hang out in my favorite SL places and chatting away while sitting on the sofa, doing something else on the tablet for the most part. In this usage, I'd be through the 10 hours included in their 17$/mtl plan within days. Also, judging from my experience with Lumiya and SL Go, I expect my bandwidth to become a bottleneck before the rendering capabilities of my iPad. There's also no indication, if the service even allows switching out of the app without interrupting the connection on iOS. Since its running in the browser, I'd be surprised if it did.
  4. @"Phones don't have the performance": Lumiya kind of proves that point wrong. I get decent frame rate there (Galaxy S7), mostly actually better than on my Laptop (GTX 1050 Ti), probably due to optimized settings. Unlike the streaming based solutions available some time back, the phone-optimized UI even gives a reasonably good experience. Streaming on the other hand... For a start, it eats through data volumes too quickly to be useful on mobile, and was outright awful with 8MBit/s. The Lumiya way of giving "good enough" graphics with a mobile-optimized UI worked a lot better for me. I'd LOVE for something like Lumiya to be available for iPads. Sadly, with the way background activity is restricted, I'm not sure if such a solution would even allow switching to another app without disconnecting. Plus, Apple's ecosystem actively drives away hobbyist-efforts from iOS (need to buy a mac to develop in the first place, no side loading). (Getting tired, hope nothing has become incoherent.)
  5. Observed on Firestorm Viewer. Using my favorite fantasy outfit for the first time since switching on Advaned Lighting model, I noticed a strage behaviour for the skirt part. Apparently skirts now have the effect, invis-prims used to have. Can this be fixed? Note: The alpha-occlussion effect also occurs for alpha-less texture, if the length is limited by the "length" setting of the skirt layer. In the background: A block with transparency "1%" (wood), in front of a red block without transparency.
  6. Seems unlikely. For one, I would expect the brightness to flicker in some manner, if it were a thrashing issue of some sort, though I may misunderstand the term. Also while the base avatar and the attachment DO overlap, I am able to make this unnoticable by making sure that the textures match, as long advanced lighting model is disabled, or in the absence of local lights. And the part that stands out in terms of brightness is only partly overlapping visible parts of the base avatar (see screenshot).
  7. Sadly, the video doesn't really clarify the issue with my mesh here. I was well aware of how smooth shading acts, but the difference is way too big in the presence of local lights (and only in the presence of local lights). Also, issues with normals/smooth lighting should also be visible without local lights or advanced-lighting model. And indeed there IS a slight mismatch, since it isn't really feasible to perfectly match the base avatar, but given matching textures these differences are barely visible. But can you elaborate on the materials comment? I am applying several materials in blender and export them to Second Life in order to allow selectively hiding parts of the mesh, when it conflicts with an outfit (e.g. long sleeves), since having different materials translates to different "faces" in the SL object "edit" dialog. I did so exactly, because creating disjunct meshes would create sharp seems, where smooth lighting doesn't work as discussed in the video. I do not however use specularity or bump maps. I'm just surprised, that doing so would result in such a massively different handling of local lights compared to the standard avatar.
  8. That's unfortunate then, but at least it saves me the effort of trying to fix it. I'd be quite interested though to find a technical explanation, what causes the difference. There are more obvious differences (such as the inability to use reflections) with more tangible reasons, but the difference in handling local lights baffles me.
  9. I finally had time to check, and the normals look fine. Furthermore, the lighting matches the base avatar, unless local lights are nearby and advanced lighting is enabled. Is there maybe some way, how mesh handles local lights differently from what the default avatar can do?
  10. I have previously created some custom mesh hands for a puppet-like avatar, based on the SL default avatar. Before I enabled advanced lighting model, I was able to match the color of the hands to the skin, such that when lower arm and beginning of the mesh overlap, the difference wasn't visible – this I achieved by making the skin compatible with base-avatar upper-body textures, and applying the same texture to body and hand. Then I enabled advanced lighting model, and now a PART of it is mismatched (see attached screenshot). Any idea, what may be causing this? It shouldn't be the normals, as those should cause issues even before advanced lighting model is enabled.
  11. @Solar Legion Thanks for the pointers, I wasn't aware of the Ctrl+Alt, Ctrl+Alt+Shift versions. I do however prefer keyboard based controls, and being suddenly deprived of them is frustrating. Seems like there isn't much of an alternative though
  12. Do you mean Preferences → Firestorm → Protection → Revoke Permissions? It is a good start, thanks! Sadly, the more annoying cases involve attachments, so I hope there is more
  13. By default, PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS is granted automatically to attachments and items you sit on. Is it possible to prevent this? A lot of chairs and sofas, and some attachments, take control of the CONTROL_UP and/or CONTROL_DOWN keys (PgUp/E, PgDown/C) for allowing on-the-fly adjustments, with the undesirable collateral of making the key-combination "Alt+E", "Alt+C" unavailable for camera control. Since more often than not the corresponding scripts are nomod and/or in items I do not own, I am searching for a possibility to block the autmatic granting of this permission.
  14. A recurring issue as user of animation overrides, is that they are locked to one or a small number of specific avatar heights. While trying to formulate a feature request for automatic corrections, I noticed that I can't make heads and tails of how the viewer currently calculates the joint positions. For instance, changing the neck-length of my shape shifts the avatar vertically with some point of the neck remaining at the same height. Changing the leg length keeps the knees at the same height, and changing the "avatar height" keeps the position of a point slightly above the knees. To me what would make sense, would be for the feet to remain at the same height, and the hip while sitting or ground-sitting, but this isn't what's happening. Does anyone know how this is being calculated and if there is a reason for it?
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