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  1. I was wondering if there is any manner to rename inventory items in bulk. For instance, I have 20+ variations of many outfits (different clothing combinations, different cyber-limbs, tails, harpy wings, ...) but would like to to change the common prefix in the name of these outfits. Or in other cases, I have as many variations of some attachment (color-adjusted for different outfits, maybe size-adjusted for different body shapes) and want to rename the attachments or their parent folders. Is there any viewer that contains features, that help with such bulk operations?
  2. As an intermediate workaround I am reducing chat-log clutter by using the @recvchat_sec and @recvemote_sec RLV settings. This was, the names still are duplicated, but at least the messages are not. Hope I will eventually find a better method, that doesn't require RLV...
  3. Doesn't look like this bug can be used to detect the AFK status from within an attachment I am wearing myself
  4. I am trying to write and refine a relay, that relays local chat to Growl for desktop notifications. Since the only such possibility is to mirror all local chat in an llInstantMessage() to the llGetOwner(), which spams the chat console for the user of the script, I was wondering if any of these things is possible: Detect if the SL Viewer is the active window. Display instant messages from the relay as a separate tab. (Firestorm specific) Relay messages to Growl explicitly, without making them visible inside the client. Is there any such facility? Things that did not work Querying the AFK status with llGetAgentInfo. The script is supposed to forward all local-chat messages the user has received while not having SL in the foreground, starting the moment they tabbed out. AFK won't kick in until at least 2 minutes after doing so, and it will also kick in if the user just doesn't make any inputs. Also, it is not desirable to be considered AFK, while being able to instantly react to local chat because of the relay. Disabling Firestorm's "Show Growl Notifications while Firestorm is active" option. This reduces the notification spam, but the relay script would still spam the local-chat log of the user with duplicate messages, while the client is actually the focused window.
  5. Probably won't for for me. My common use-case would be tabbing out of SL, and kind of forgetting I'm still logged in, so it would need to automatically detect, if there is user interaction ^^' Or reading on the Sofa while having the PC in looking range, but idling in some home Sim, and occasionally looking to see if someone has dropped by.
  6. Based on the explanations I whipped together my own "local chat" script. Very basic, but sufficient. Most important improvement would be a facility to automatically disable it, when the viewer is focused... // Mirror LocalChat in llOwnerSay. // Meant to enable listening for local chat in Growl. // // Usage: // 1. Put script into a prim, put prim into your hud. // 2. Click prim containing the script to toggle mirroring of local chat. integer g_listen_handle = 0; do_touch() { if(g_listen_handle) { llListenRemove(g_listen_handle); g_listen_handle = 0; llOwnerSay("(stopped listening)"); } else { g_listen_handle = llListen(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "", NULL_KEY, ""); llOwnerSay("(started listening)"); } } say_as(string name, string message) { string oldname = llGetObjectName(); llSetObjectName(name); llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), message); llSetObjectName(oldname); } default { state_entry() { llOwnerSay("(started)"); do_touch(); // Initialize } touch_start(integer total_number) { integer i; for(i=0;i<total_number;i++) do_touch(); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { say_as(name, message); } }
  7. Turns out that all that was needed was a reboot after installing Growl.
  8. Weird... I'll try more. Thanks for the hint with the HUD; By any chance, is it a commercial one or self-written?
  9. Related: It seems that none of the options supports notifications about events in Local Chat
  10. On Windows, "Tray tips", sometimes emulated, have always been common for messenging apps, even without native support. Tray icons were traditionally used to give numerical "number of new messages" indicators. Honestly, for laptops and PCs that worked much better than the Win10 notification center, and notably Skype still uses that system.
  11. Thanks for the hint. Sadly, it doesn't seem to work, possibly related to Growl being discontinued.
  12. I am often idling around a friend's place while doing something else on my PC. Is there some client that allows getting notifications about new IMs, that are visible without bringing the client to the foreground? E.g. as tray-icon, as popup or as blinking of the window in the task bar upon unread content.
  13. At best this requires jail breaking, which throws out some of iOS' advantages. Also, if an app can only be installed through jail breaking, it's reach becomes extremely niche, so I doubt Linden Lab will go through with the project, if it can't get into the app store. If they have to block users from accessing even potentially adult content though, I won't be able to access my usual hangout places None of the Sims I am interested in are rated less than M.
  14. Depending on what you want to do, this doesn't really matter. For hanging out somewhere chatting, a mobile app would be incredibly useful, as it would allow remaining part of the conversation while reading on the sofa. Also, I somehow got a better framerate on Lumiya (Galaxy S7) over my PC (GTX 1050), so I'm not even sure if the performance disadvantage is all that big. If there were an iOS app, or even just a touch-friendly companion app for in-home streaming, I'd likely use that over a desktop client most of the time.
  15. I'm not sure, how most people intend to use these services. For me, the main purpose would be to hang out in my favorite SL places and chatting away while sitting on the sofa, doing something else on the tablet for the most part. In this usage, I'd be through the 10 hours included in their 17$/mtl plan within days. Also, judging from my experience with Lumiya and SL Go, I expect my bandwidth to become a bottleneck before the rendering capabilities of my iPad. There's also no indication, if the service even allows switching out of the app without interrupting the connection on iOS. Since its running in the browser, I'd be surprised if it did.
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