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  1. Actually, your original post (preserved on my mail account) was spot on. Since I'd loathe to leave behind the animations I like, I purchased a bento hands AO, and that fixed the issue. The root cause still is that tails/wings/ears may set the hand pose, which even affects classic avatars.
  2. A lot of bento attachments – be it wings, ears or tails – suffer from a bug, where the animations meant to those body parts set the hand to the "spread" pose, which looks awkward under almost all circumstances, both for classic avatars and mesh avatars respecting hand poses. This seems to have its root in the "spread" pose being the default for animation uploads (while previously it apparently defaulted to the "relaxed" pose). In order to fix this, I was trying to create a "hand pose only" animation, that I would run from a script to produce the wanted hand pose. But when trying to upload
  3. I am looking for new places to visit, but I cannot find a way to exclude the majority of results, that are definitely not interesting to me. So: Is there a way to filter search results by excluding keywords? Specifically, I am searching for casual adult themed hangouts; If the description mentions "poseballs", "escorts" or similar keywords, I almost certainly won't like the place, but that's the vast majority of the search results. The FAQ makes it clear, that the web search doesn't have such features, so I was hoping for third-party solutions for refining search results.
  4. Solution: Change the "Alpha mode" from "Alpha Blending" to "Alpha Masking". Then the color of default avatar skin and mesh match regardless of light. I have yet to see undesirable side effects. Took only 20 months to come across this
  5. Meanwhile, the issue seems to happen everywhere, with a large number of Bento attachments, combined with the classic avatar (which I prefer for easy modding). Supposedly the issue is caused by the way the animation uploader is designed: It seems to default to adding the splayed hand pose to the animation, instead of a neutral "do not affect hands" setting. Since many creators will be using mesh avatars where the hand pose is explicitly set, they may not notice, that they produce attachments that breaks other configurations.* My current workaround is to use mesh hands instead. For my
  6. I found a fix specifically for when the issue is caused by an ZHAO-II based AO. Acquire a modifiable version of the "ZHAO-II-core" script. (In my case version 7-29.1). In the control(key ...) event handler, Comment out the lines if ( haveWalkingAnim ) { llStopAnimation( "walk" ); llStopAnimation( "female_walk" ); } Replace the "core" script in the attachment with the modified one.
  7. I am seeing that some issue with some bento tails and wings now Though in my case the issue was an incompatibility between the firestorm AO (which I didn't turn on intentionally) and the wings. Disabling it removed the issue for me. In hindsight probably unrelated to the original issue, but I leave this here as a hint for others coming to this thread with the same problem. ... or not, I think the problem returned shortly after, or maybe I misjudged it as being solved in the first place.
  8. In most software, pressing the apps key has the same effect as right-clicking the current selection. This is incredibly useful when working on a laptop, where only a touchpad is available, or when otherwise preferring keyboard-based operations for increased accuracy over clicking. Is it somehow possible to enable this behavior for the inventory? I am using Firestorm in particular, but I think that the inventory behavior is mostly inherited from the official client.
  9. Sadly, it also ever only worked on Android, since the rendering library was never ported for iOS, and since iOS doesn't allow the facilities to allow the client to stay connected while the app isn't in the foreground. And, sadly, that means that only Linden Labs can provide a real solution. My main use-case would be to hang out with friends while reading or watching movies on an iPad. But that would require server-side changes, that allow clients to remain connected for receiving push notifications of local chat and IMs, while the app is otherwise inactive. Ideally even the ability to be
  10. I was wondering if there is any manner to rename inventory items in bulk. For instance, I have 20+ variations of many outfits (different clothing combinations, different cyber-limbs, tails, harpy wings, ...) but would like to to change the common prefix in the name of these outfits. Or in other cases, I have as many variations of some attachment (color-adjusted for different outfits, maybe size-adjusted for different body shapes) and want to rename the attachments or their parent folders. Is there any viewer that contains features, that help with such bulk operations?
  11. As an intermediate workaround I am reducing chat-log clutter by using the @recvchat_sec and @recvemote_sec RLV settings. This was, the names still are duplicated, but at least the messages are not. Hope I will eventually find a better method, that doesn't require RLV...
  12. Doesn't look like this bug can be used to detect the AFK status from within an attachment I am wearing myself
  13. I am trying to write and refine a relay, that relays local chat to Growl for desktop notifications. Since the only such possibility is to mirror all local chat in an llInstantMessage() to the llGetOwner(), which spams the chat console for the user of the script, I was wondering if any of these things is possible: Detect if the SL Viewer is the active window. Display instant messages from the relay as a separate tab. (Firestorm specific) Relay messages to Growl explicitly, without making them visible inside the client. Is there any such facility? Things that did not w
  14. Probably won't for for me. My common use-case would be tabbing out of SL, and kind of forgetting I'm still logged in, so it would need to automatically detect, if there is user interaction ^^' Or reading on the Sofa while having the PC in looking range, but idling in some home Sim, and occasionally looking to see if someone has dropped by.
  15. Based on the explanations I whipped together my own "local chat" script. Very basic, but sufficient. Most important improvement would be a facility to automatically disable it, when the viewer is focused... // Mirror LocalChat in llOwnerSay. // Meant to enable listening for local chat in Growl. // // Usage: // 1. Put script into a prim, put prim into your hud. // 2. Click prim containing the script to toggle mirroring of local chat. integer g_listen_handle = 0; do_touch() { if(g_listen_handle) { llListenRemove(g_listen_handle); g_listen_handle = 0; l
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