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  1. Some photos from my Windlass houseboat. I wasn't sure I was going to like decorating a houseboat, but I am in love with it now!
  2. Hey, were did Abnor go??
  3. Hmmm....10 years in December! Joined in 2004 with my best friend.
  4. Thank you! ~laughs~...I was messing around with using a facelight mixed with other lighting. Go figure, sometimes the best shots come about just by playing around.
  5. Thank you Trinity! I was using one of the lighting presets in SL. Pretty neat effects using some of those.
  6. A quiet place (butterflies and stars photoshopped in) An unexpected camera shot. I was surprised at how it came out.
  7. Greenhouse in Spurness A field near McSquinty Village Enjoying a wintery bike ride.
  8. Lost amongst several boxes of snapshots are my earliest SL looks. Actually, I didn't even know how to use the camera when I joined in 2004 but I remember the striped shirts everyone seemed to have...~lol~
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