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  1. I like this, thanks for picking my name a week from now!
  2. Yeah totally. So what typically hampers decent framerates on most sims is no reusing of textures, people using multiple 1024x1024 textures everywhere (more crap for you to download from the sim and render), not using small textures (64x64, 256x256, 512x512, etc.), not regulating the render cost / amount of textures on avatars, and not being aware how object occlusion works; which is basically blocking your line of sight so that the viewer renders fewer things behind an object. There's also other things, but in my experience, those seem to be the most common issues. The reason you may have
  3. I do actually enjoy your feedback and responding to what you say until you just devolve into acting more toxic than you accused me and mine of acting. I wasn't lying, I said you can achieve the numbers I was providing with below state of the art hardware. If we're going to guarantee those numbers for everyone on every platform, I think we're going to have to lower our expectations. I appreciate your insight on more of the statistic menu and I'll be sure to review the documentation on it so that I can have a better grasp on what I'm talking about. If you wish to end the conversation,
  4. Do you always pre-empt a potential response by going on a tirade that has nothing to do with the actual response? I am exaggerating about 40FPS and 40 people, but I am not far off. What I'm getting at is you can have a playable FPS, have the sim look very good, and have a substantial number of people on a well-made sim. I do not use a lag-meter to test it, that would be silly. I utilize inferior hardware to benchmark a sim. In regards to physical prims, physics lag is caused by different things than clientside lag or even script run / script-time. All of it is different, and we've ma
  5. Yes, you can. You don't have to change a single thing with Second Life to make it happen. We've done it before; I've never said that we haven't, I'm saying the projects aren't typically sustainable. SL can give you above 40 FPS, in a sim with 40 people, on ultra settings, if you make the sim correctly. I can pedantically explain why, but I don't have a lot of motivation to engage with you when you insult me when I never intended to come off as condescending or insulting to anyone here. I never suggested making a fundamental change to the viewer or the grid, and I've conceded that the
  6. Combat is interesting in SL for the same reason everything else becomes more interesting: user-generated content and virtually limitless* possibilities. Shooters MMOs do not have a great track record lately and one would be significantly more expensive to develop and maintain. Plenty of people in SL are into things that would make other people in SL scratch their heads.
  7. If you're using an intel graphics card, Control+Alt+F1 is one of the hotkeys that will prioritize itself over Second Life's hotkeys. You will need to go and change the hotkeys under the intel graphics utility, I haven't done it since 2014 so I'm not sure how to navigate it or where you may have to go. If not, then it's more than likely Ctrl+Alt+F1 is being used as a system hotkey for some other utility on your computers and Second Life is not overriding it. I would check what programs you have installed (like the intel settings I mentioned) that may be using hotkeys. I realize t
  8. tl;dr I don't know why zombie killing and VICE sims aren't in the destination guide. I believe in order to make an attempt to get a linden combat sim into it would call for a sim, owned by a military or not, to actually feature a well-made tutorial for LLCS , provide equipment just below or equivalent to the basic essentials of most of the military groups on the grid, and have an environment you can't experience clientside lag in. That sim currently does not exist. It might in the future. - I can't speak for zombie combat sims or VICE sims, but I know our LLCS community is very, uh,
  9. We do actually have our own boards, but nothing involving VICE, Gor, DCS2, those guys with the mechs, etc. The problem with the LLCS community is, as you can see here, you have these guys who at best meme-lord about things that make them look cringy or, at worse, bring up internal drama like Parx and Wyatt, so most attempts to create a neutral space on our own in the past have failed. I understand why people on SL would say "Well sounds like a you problem~!" and it is, but I believe Parx is aware of that and it's why he attempted to make a point about a combat forum involving other communities
  10. tl;dr Roleplay sims have combat, but people who remain in SL for combat aren't the same audience most roleplay sims appeal to. Combat subforum might have more merit than you think. Hi I'm the military RP larper who made some of the videos Parx posted attempting to make a bad point. I'm not going to argue that combat play doesn't sometimes intersect with RP, I am going to argue that the topics of discussion and communities attracted to both communities are different. A long time ago, you had many RP communities basically dependent on their desired combat meter of choice, ie DCS2. You still
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