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  1. hmmm my name is Ron, not sure if you were directing that to me?
  2. No offense taken at all but let me tell you what I have accomplished with a "pacifier" here on SL. My Key To My Heart pacifier was number 13 out of 790,000 items on xstreet ( thats what it was called at the time ) on valentimes 2009, my group currently has 1032 loyal customers that will only buy what I produce and I've been paid 10K a pop to produce custom original works. I build everything myself, I script everything from hand and not meshed up scripts, i created all the animations myself and while a pacifier may not be important to you or anyone else, its the niche I've made here in Second Life and have become respected for the hard work to produce these. Currently my revision of 5.0 scripts atre over 5000 lines of scripted code all created by me, when i release a product i can crash a sim due to the response and just recently i was paid 70K to produce a custom "Infant Awareness" pacifier to help raise awareness for people who have lost thier children at birth. This is something I have created and take pride in as a business and to be honest, how I got into it I don't remember, but the Binkeeze branding has become a very popular product in SL and it's something I enjoy creating and just as people are loyal to the products I make, I'm just as loyal to them when it comes to customer service. Thanks
  3. Thank you for the tips everyone, Today I filed a grievance with the BBB as suggested and as of this date Linden Labs still has yet to reply to my support ticket. What amazes me the most is that when trying to log into marketplace, I am greeted with a phone number that says call us so we may assist you and after 4 attempts, each employee at Linden Lbas offers no solution or resolution and every single one of them reading from the same response book like a telemarketer informed me they have no way of helping me, but when it comes time for tier, or when it comes time to pay listing fees or when it comes time to take each linden out for any sales i produce, they are right on top of it. Sorry to dullard the announcement of the grand new CEO, but new CEO's are a thing of the past for this company and each announcement comes with the same standard practices for Linden Labs, they will answer support tickets for someone who can't adjust a friggen prim dress but when it comes to a business owner who has put in 1000's of hours to create a unique, individual product that supports the Linden Lbas Economy, we are left in the dark? As you can see, I'm very frustrated to not be able to give my custoners the support they need and something needs to change and fast. I pride myself on creating my own individuality here in second life and i do give Linden Labs credit for allowing me to create my products, but to thwart me from conducting business when the original complaint is not justified, nor was proof of the original complaint given, leads me to believe that Linden Labs is broken far beyond its own capabilities and responsible builders and scripters such as myself should have some sort of fair grievance system than having to cry on an open blog.
  4. You know what would be great is to get someone in customer support to actually do something and unsuspend my account for using a texture i bought off marketplace, better yet get them to answer my support ticket, it sure would be nice to get rid of the Nazi style rule that is customer support. My account was suspended for a product i released and used the texture from another merchant who sells it from makrtplace and my business is suffering because im unable to get online, but who cares about the individual right?
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