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  1. Well cropping a picture is somethng i would normally do and normally take at high resolution but the picture was just a quick pic to show whats happening not only is it a single line that appears but sometimes its a grid depending on the proportion of the snap.and taking smaller snaps doesnt create nice photos in alot of cases.
  2. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-14780 Acually this is a picture of it i have on a post on the Jira.
  3. No Its not that. Its like a big black line appears in all my pictures i take. Sort of as if the outer borders are shrinking and getting into my picture if that makes any sense? it almost looks like a cross hair or a series of boxes the larger i make it.I wish there was a way I could post a picture of it to this.everything 512*512 or smaller is fine but 1024*1024 1536*1536 anything on a larger scale this happens to.
  4. Over the past couple weeks, whenever I take a snapshot larger than 512*512 in game  i get black lines throught it.I have looked all over the Jira and havent seen anything about this but i do know myself and a few other people have been experiencing this problem.Is it possible there is something i have ticked or unticked?and does anybody know how to get rid of this? It poses a huge problem for me.
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