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  1. I need to confirm this issue that basicly the mesh does only allow one texture layer, it will help a lot already if you allow 8 layered textures upon one face. That way you can wear clothing upon the mesh body, without creating really wearable mesh clothing with an offset (fake it to be honest). Also morphing, i can understand from a subtle cencorship point of view, that you dont allow this yet. Though i would strongly suggest to allow morphs for meshes. For now i make very well endowed female characters that are static, thus bypassing the morphing system for now. Blender supports shape keys, why not let blender export those shapes to morphs inside secondlife. Also furries will enjoy morphs upon the body, this allows them to rig their furry mouths to real gestures in the face, even you can make special ones for them then. (like one brow up the other down, morphing half the face for example). My advice, allow morphs, make them work with the base shape system and allow custom morphs too. So people can rig up huds to control morph targets on their body. Thank you for listening.
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