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  1. Except people are dumb and they will just grab it and throw it in. Putting in code that destroys itself without warning not only causes people to file bug reports (that do take time to manually tell people to read the instructions or pointing them off to somewhere where it tells them where to fix it), it also REALLY pisses them off. It makes much more sense to code that in when you are able because it resolves the issues instantly and all you really had to do was take another minute or two typing it out. These are also not false statements, Wendy has linked to the repo that holds these failsafes multiple times in this very thread. Seeing as it also has the words OpenCollar in the URL, which do you think people are going to click on?
  2. The problem that I have with the failsafe in the repo that Wendy posted is that it may or may not tell you that you did something wrong. It will just delete itself without saying anything. If you do not know what you are doing and trying to just make a collar with those scripts with default permissions, you are going to end up with an empty object. The OpenCollarTeam repo has these failsafes as well but they do not delete the script and each one states what is wrong with the script and does this every time it is rezzed or worn. This is why I am suggesting using THEIR repo as it will guide the user through it.
  3. If you don't like the no mod scripts in the Peanut version, just go to the OpenCollarTeam's repo. In the src folder, it has all the scripts that are open source and you can easily replace the no modify scripts with those (they are named differently but the naming is about the same for the most part). Collar continues to work happily without issue (even with Peanut's Strippy plugin (for now)). You get the same collar, but now you know what is in it and what it is talking to and what it is sending off. With these no mod scripts, you can't do that and you are not sure what site it is connecting to or what it logs when it does that. Just make sure you use the OpenCollarTeam's repo and not Wendy's as her scripts contain "failsafes" that may or may not tell you why it is deleting itself within seconds of you saving the script for the first time (and yes, there are scripts that do this, oc_dialog being one of them along with the plugins). But if you do know what to look for and how to comment it out or remove it, either is fine. Uh, WHERE is that notecard in your recent refresh because I can not find it ANYWHERE in the Tippy-toe Refresh Collar Kit OR Summer Refresh Collar Kit notecards, the Peanut Master, OR the sample collar. I could not check the updater because: a) It is no copy b) It was "deprecated" and c) It deleted itself (?!). The link to the root script is also not at the workshop link either. If this is supposed to be part of the creators kit (which it REALLY should be), I should not find out about this in the SL forums. I would like to see something pushed out to the owners of the kits that include this information or the full script by itself in the kit full perm. The ONLY place I can find that script is in a notecard in an updater when it was still being called Wendy's OpenCollar Distribution where everything is modify except the install scripts and the oc_root script located in another prim in the linkset (twice for some reason and with different permissions?) and I am not sure what version of OC it is using (the marketplace listing says 3.994, the scripts say 4.0.0-6.7.5 Peanut Build 9).
  4. Looks like any custom color profile that is not "nomal" will cause the viewer to throw visual garbage and prevent the video driver from recovering. Setting the color profile back to default should do the trick. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-desktop/restore-default-display-color/7553a387-0965-4639-94c0-b21af6ab1e8c
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