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  1. I can not buy Linden from Second Life and official website. I only get this: There was a problem charging your payment method. I have bought so many other times before. I have a PotePay (visa card) connected to paypal and I've never had any problems. The card is loaded. Non riesco a comprare Linden da Second Life e sito ufficiale. Ottengo solo questo: There was a problem charging your payment method. Ho comprato tante altre volte prima. Ho una PotePay (carta visa) collegata a paypal e non avevo mai avuto problemi. La carta è carica.
  2. Thanks, I installed 1.23.5 and that's fine, I feel better with this version.
  3. I do not like the version 2 of the Second Life Viewer, if the older version (not the viewer) can not be used are forced to cancel the account Premium. We are obliged to use Viewer 2?
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