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  1. I enjoy being a bit player. A walk on. An interesting NPC. But most of the RP sims are like 4 rulers and no population or regular people. It takes a big chunk of money to keep these sims going so you gotta let the 'banker' be king i guess.
  2. The general puritanial drift of Western Culture is palpable. The lefties see anything sex-positive as offensive to/exploitive of gender and sexual minorities. Rightists see open display of sexuality as sin. Period.
  3. I like to put on a Pikachu avatar and fly round, randomly engaging people in open chat about politics and religion
  4. I am finding precisely the same thing & I've gone back to using the LL viewer. LL viewer will crash out if it gets overloaded-an then I just reload the viewer. Which I much prefer to having it hang up in lag-limbo while my fan burns. I will be using a mac for another couple years anyway. People in the developed world buying new computers every year contributes to ecological problems, child slavery and a lot of othe bad things. All that Irridium comes from somewhere.
  5. I like it. But at a distance. It can't become something that's about my real life, since I'm not looking for a partner. Somewhere along the line, the focus became 'Voice" and I'm not into giving some guy free phone sex. I thought it was weird back in the 90s when people were going broke paying for it and I think it's weird now. To each their own, but I wish it hadn't become so much about that.
  6. I would try it. Contact me or send an IM or in word notecard if you like.
  7. I am hoping that mesh ultimately is as (or more) modifiable as the original avatars back when I joined up.
  8. If you are referring to me, I should point out that participating in Second Life shouldn't require "learning basic 3D modeling principles". Nor should it require ditching a hundred dollars plus in mesh clothes after a couple years after having to replace all the prim stuff. Fact
  9. The 'what's between the legs' issue is a related topic. I suppose weens are an "M-A" topic which requires default avatars to be as genderless as those GI Joe action figures. Manly in every way but the one that really matters....
  10. With something like SL, ease of use is really a paramount concern. Some people live in virtual space and seem to have endless hours to futz around with their avatars, but I generally have enough time to go clubbing or do roleplays for a couple hours a couple times a week. So my interest in editing each article of clothing is minimal. I've enjoyed this discussion, as prior to, I had next to no idea of the state of things. I was getting a LOT of peer pressure to 'upgrade' to a style of avatar I wasn't impressed with. I am in this for the aesthetics to a large degree and if that means that I have to wait, or eventually just opt out rather than walk around looking like I don't want to look then that's what I'll have to do. At least many of your posts have given me 'ammunition' for discussions with friends enamored of all things mesh.
  11. A lot of good points. The expense is definitely an issue for the average user. The other big issue with mesh avatars alluded to already is the tweaking, torquing and general amount of messing around. It seems as though even if one chooses to just go 100% new and give up one's old inventory of clothes*, you still need to dink around with a lot of appliers and stuff as opposed to the 'pret-a-porter' days where you unpacked the clothing and slapped it on and done. *(a lot of us roleplayers are really attached to particular costumes and outfits - I still have a four year old E.D prim outfit that looks better than almost any mesh costume I've seen out there)
  12. Very true, but I was referring to the skins. I overlay just about any skin from the higher end makers and its invariably a mismatch redolent of those 'hand painted' made in Hong Kong 1970s plastic toys with the eyes painted too big. The area of the skin that's lips is bigger than the shape lips I made. Usually significant so.
  13. Thank you for at leas clarifying some of the issues. It would seem to me that LL needs to take this matter more seriously if they want casual users to come in and plop $$ down for virtual fashions.
  14. I don't want to look like a giant bug just splatted onto my face while I was landing my airplane. Are there skins out there that have natural looking lips for us laydehz? As opposed to giant swollen beestingers that look like a giant red moth sideways?
  15. I've tried a bunch of them. Either they require to you invest in all new clothes or else ditch all your existing outfits and start over, involving a whole lotta dinking around adjusting alpha layers. Look, if it takes me as long to get ready to go out in VR space as it does in reality, I'll take reality any day. They need to make mesh bodies that are totally compatible with existing mesh clothing or else stop wasting everyone's time. Quite literally.
  16. There are things around. What exactly are you looking to do? You can always message me directly.
  17. Reading the last few posts here, I think John Norman has possibly done us all a favor, writing these action-adventure novels which make us discuss these issues. For instance - I have a problem with "submissive female" personality types being reinforced in this behaviorby SL. But frankly, I have to just check myself and remember that we're talking nominally 'consenting adults'. I have a dear friend who can barely speak to me because she's decided to take all this "mistress" blarg into her reality and "Mistress" is jealous of me. Nothing I can do about that. Gor is just going to have a bad effect on some subset of people, but we can't gear the world so that all the rough edges are rounded off, or else it will be a pretty miserable world for all and not just a minority. Gor is full of simpering, submissive women. But I've noticed the SL counterpart seems to have for the most part got a big injection of fem-dom themes as well as a magnification of the "Panther" type far beyond what Norman evisaged. SL has room for all types. It's what keeps it vital when we all have many other more lushly realized virtual environments, most of which are just combat simulations of one sort or another. Which brings me to the part about war re-enactment...If it's done with mindfulness of the consequences and the contemporaneous issues involved, all these things can be a learning experience that encourage participants to work out their thoughts about the subject matter. Civil War reenactments probably tend to be more a celebration of Victoriana as opposed to the savage brutality of that war that the most cursory skim of any history book will impart. Similarly for slavery. Most of the SL treatment of slavery has more to do with salacious fantasy than the reality of the institution in settings as far apart as the American south, ancient Rome, the Mayan Empire or wage slavery in some crappy Walmart someplace. Which is a shame. More discussions like this!
  18. I am RL female and i read the first 3 of the Gor books years ago. I got that it was more geared to the boys, but I was absorbing everything SciFi and Fantasy at that time. We all have fantasies of all kinds and the erotic element wasn't lost on me. Apparantly the author has some peculiar views on the nature of women that fit more into the 19th century than anything else, but he's entitled to think that way. As long as he's not writing laws based on it, his fiction is for most of us just a good yarn.
  19. Being an elf from Middle Earth, I'm immune to being a vampire. But I have got to be friends with quite a lot of them. It looks to this outsider that the experience of the group depends a lot on the ability of the core of the group to manage drama (you'll never avoid that entirely) as well as their political adroitness. I've found it's difficult to lead an in world group while at the same time enjoying the experience of playing- which is the sine qua non of SL.
  20. Some people want to make the lindens as an exchange medium. I like to haggle with people so they feel they got a deal they like. On the other hand, a lot of people are happy to give their stuff away free or nearly so. I wish there was more capability for barter in SL. Most things are non-transferable, which is too bad in my view, though I understand why people feel they need to do that.
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