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  1. I enjoy being a bit player. A walk on. An interesting NPC. But most of the RP sims are like 4 rulers and no population or regular people. It takes a big chunk of money to keep these sims going so you gotta let the 'banker' be king i guess.
  2. The general puritanial drift of Western Culture is palpable. The lefties see anything sex-positive as offensive to/exploitive of gender and sexual minorities. Rightists see open display of sexuality as sin. Period.
  3. I like to put on a Pikachu avatar and fly round, randomly engaging people in open chat about politics and religion
  4. I am finding precisely the same thing & I've gone back to using the LL viewer. LL viewer will crash out if it gets overloaded-an then I just reload the viewer. Which I much prefer to having it hang up in lag-limbo while my fan burns. I will be using a mac for another couple years anyway. People in the developed world buying new computers every year contributes to ecological problems, child slavery and a lot of othe bad things. All that Irridium comes from somewhere.
  5. I like it. But at a distance. It can't become something that's about my real life, since I'm not looking for a partner. Somewhere along the line, the focus became 'Voice" and I'm not into giving some guy free phone sex. I thought it was weird back in the 90s when people were going broke paying for it and I think it's weird now. To each their own, but I wish it hadn't become so much about that.
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