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  1. Alright you party goers i am going to be DJing from 2pm SLT to 6pm SLT, at a point of time I might have to log and such but I will keep the tunes flowing till I do log in. Today is a day when I will go home, but the server will remain up and music flowing! So if you want to come listen, come party and all that come join me in my crazy adventures in the stream line. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adjewelation/153/90/24
  2. Would be good except if another parcial next to it allows fly you can fly onto the parcial which doesnt and still be able to fly. So in the end, still dumb cause its a half broken restriction.
  3. Resurecting an old dead post... but another question came to mind when a topic came up in regards to meshing items for some other places.... on the second life avatar theres a skeleton second life uses correct, is it possible to use that skeleton for a product and have a script activate the joint movements.
  4. Okay a friend of mine got ripped off on a land rental... 3 days left on tier clicked wont renew and got kicked off and had her stuff returned to her. My question is to the community of second life if there is an actual appropriate method to discredit someones sl business without crossing the line with SL and the whole 'griefing' aspect.
  5. Found some land, nvm... editing first post and taking the info out of it.. please close the thread thanks
  6. I posted a jira for it. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4519
  7. I was thinking that security wouldn't be an issue since there wouldnt be a way to log into the second life website through the website, more like an RSS feed type deal as to recently submited products (EDIT: and full catalogue listing via the RSS feed method ) into the actual marketplace store. As for age verification, idk.. maybe each time they want to view an age related product via the RSS feed they would have to input their DOB (Date of Birth) to verify and connect temporarly to the age verified products otherwise list PG as its main primary for the widgit. EIther way, you wouldnt be able to log into second life, linden labs could keep their security concerns and this way ther could be some minimal contact to age verified products? IDK just an idea lol I think it would come in handy for the people who make actual websites/blogs in regards to their products. A flash widgit even to make sure it would work either way. This way anyone who sees an attempt to login through another website would identify it easily as a pilsh attempt.
  8. I moved the topic to.... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Usefull-tool-for-second-life-in-virtual-marketing/td-p/1404127
  9. EDIT: (This is a repost from my original thread in the wrong topic section http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Usefull-tool-for-second-life-in-virtual-marketing/td-p/1403927 under second life server) I have no idea where to post this >.> but I'm going to post this as an idea on the second life forums and possibly try for a jira if I get enough replies unless someone else wants to start it. I see alot of stores have their own blogger website or own website in general to advertise and contain updates on their latest products.... Heres a thought and it is just a thought so far, wouldnt it be convenient for second life sellers to have a widget avalable to be able to attach to their store id to show all or most recent products submited that way the users who view those bloggers and websites have direct access to the store? I know a simple link will suffice, but having some visual presentation as to what your catalogue offers to embed in a website without having to log into anything, just point to the store ID so people won't be able to use it. Wouldn't that be useful in further marketing in the second life world? EDIT: Note I am talking about the marketplace web catalogue type store.
  10. EDIT: Your right, it probably does go into the other section, probably better. Heres the link to it. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Usefull-tool-for-second-life-in-virtual-marketing/td-p/1404127
  11. Okay so I can link parts together and make certain parts move in certain ways like a puppet.. thats what the second question was about. Thank you
  12. This isn't a bitch about mesh thread, these are legitimite questions and questions that have answers too whether or not things I'm planning to do will be impacted or not. Before I start once more (reason why I quit but not going to get into it) is whether or not mesh can be animated easily. Lets say I wanted to come up with a female or male avatar mesh to clone as a fake person and get scripted. Is it possible to take the LSL scripting language and animate the mesh itself to make it move freely within the sl environment. Such as givng it set paramaters of movement or making it follow you even by giving it actual physical walk animations. If not possible can it still be done with mesh body parts that would then be linked together with a ball & joint method of moving mesh like objects within the LSL scripting language in certain aspects to give it the said physics?
  13. I can't seem to find if this was suggested in the past... however I think it would come in handy with the ability to sort groups and friends into catagorized groups you can create on each list. I think this would come in handy to organize your friends as to how you know them, where you know them and what certain groups are by type. This will come in handy espicially if someone keeps you on their list even if you disappeared for more than 1-2 years at a time for some reason such as losing internet. Having that ability when your able to do that with inventory pretty much would be a powerful tool in deed and I think people would use it, especially if their list is huge in friend count numbers. This would be a way to be more organized even in contacting work partners if you cant find them on your list right away then its more of a pain and takes more time to find the person or go through each profile to find the person if you cant remember their name.
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