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  1. Full Sim Private Island for Rent. $295 USD / L$76,000 per Month Full Estate Rights Contact me Inworld: Joshe Darkstone
  2. Hey Phil My point was that you dont get to reserve the word for your use only, so it doesn't "protect" anything to "grab" keywords with display names, as someone had posted above. If they've finally stopped it thats a good thing, of course they could have paid attention in advance since jacks meetings were stuffed full of shop owners begging jack to put some protections in place well before this was launched and he essentially just said "your name is not your name and we won't do anything to curtail the use of display names". Also there is minimal if any benefit to having a profile appear in
  3. Dont be silly, just because they charge you for lindens doesnt mean they want them back in payment for services rendered - its not legal tender and they cant convert your lindens to cash (cuz they already did). Yes it is - and I've been saying it since they bought xstreet and started messing with search. whats your point?
  4. hrm... my post was deleted? such an honor I was mostly just trying to correct a couple of misconceptions so this time i'll leave out the part about my theory that you are ruining in-world search on purpose in order to herd people to the new marketplace, k? cool. 1. Grabbing keyword based Display names does not "protect" anything, it just adds to the clutter in search. After all anyone can grab the same name, since Thats how Display names work. 10, 20, or 200 users can also use your favorite keyword in the username and all it does is push any real listing out of search. 2. LL cant sell adv
  5. if im not mistaken you arent "protecting" anything. any number of residents can use the same display names, thats the point after all. so when there can be 10 or 20 or 200 people using the same display names, you dont protect a thing by "grabbing" your keywords. you just add to the clutter that makes search useless. Personally ive run out of fight, there are not enough hours in the day anymore to keep up with the shenanigans of a search team that seems to exist only to create a need for their own existence. Constantly tweaking search is not "keeping us on our toes" its killing in-world busine
  6. Customer support has been atrocious for months and getting worse by the week. Of course the firings were the start of it but since then you have closed down after hours support, outsourced most concierge support to the OnTynes who have to have things like homestead sims explained to them by the caller, closed down the uk office and fired your best and brightest, outsourced concierge telephone support to india, added a secret number so extended concierge support residents can still get through, and added account managers for those few who qualify for the as yet undefined "atlas program". Is th
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