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  1. i had that problem too for ages ... here's my solution: my folders were named with a "#" ... hum well .. that didn't work that well .. just don't use special characters in folder names .. it might help */me is so happy now that it works to her*
  2. The idea was great ... but it didn't work either. And no, there is no slm-file. *sighs* I don't know what to do
  3. It's not what i said. I said when i upload (actually the upload window in the viewer ... btw just for you i tested with SL-Viewer too ... with exactly the same result) I get that error message. And since i copied the DAE file to a friend who could upload the file without problems it seams not to be an error with the DAE file.
  4. well ... actually i think there's maybe something wrong with my mash upload status ... but i don't know how to verify this since, as i said, everything's nice green *sighs* i don't have any idea what else i could try
  5. the error i get is a "DAE parsing issue". I tried to upload a simple cylinder mesh. Before sending this post i copied the dae file to a notecard ... a friend made it a dae again and it worked well. .... So, it's not the generated dae-file, it's not the viewer (we are using the same). I was using latest blender (2.64) and Firestoem latest (4.2.2). And the mesh upload staus thingies are both green. ... Any other questions?
  6. I got such a problem too: My mesh-upload-status seems to be ok, everything's green, but i can't upload any mesh, not even a simple cylinder works. I always get an error. Please anyone can help?
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