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  1. Call, or write a ticket, but before that comb, and I mean comb through your e-mail they have on file back to January 14th (The day they started sending the letters). If you got a W-9 letter from them it means your account is on hold. You will not get any cash outs until you fill out everything that they need.
  2. Are some of you sure you're not getting paid? As in did you check? Because once I found this post I freaked out and decided to check my MP transaction history, today alone (the 29th) I've had 8 "delivery partially failed" instances so far today... I then kept that window open, opended a new window for my SL transaction history and ALL of those instances Commerce Linden did pay me for those transactions...
  3. Are you using Firestorm? I am and got the same error message yesterday... I forgot who, but some wonderful person on these forums told me to go to my preferences if you're using Firestorm and make sure English is checked for the client language and NOT System Default. Once I did this and relogged, I finally was able to send things to the Marketplace via the merchant outbox. I hope this helps!
  4. OMG THANK YOU!!! It now works! I change it in my Firestorm prefs and it now works! YAY!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah the new Phoenix update has the outbox, we should see it on the 21st according to the Phoenix blog...
  6. Well this sucks... My items don't have the exact name as my listing names because I label them with "box" and such, so that means I will have to manually change EVERY listing according to this beta page in the knowledge base. :matte-motes-crying:
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