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  1. Thank you so much nill..I already got my ticket accepted trought an IM. They will be taking care.
  2. Ok,,, I just sent my second request and I got a different response: Good news. "The ticket you submitted through our Support Portal arrived safe and sound. Our Support Lindens are working on it right now and we'll be getting back to you as soon as we can." Seems like there a very specific way to fill service requests for Basic accounts. The first time I did the response was: "Unfortunately, the ticket type you requested is not available to Residents with Basic accounts or Guest access. We wish we could offer full support to Basic account holders and Guests, but there are just too many of you and too few of us. We apologize for the inconvenience.". I see you in world... sooner o later
  3. Well Like I said. Im a Sencod Life and Second Class Citizen.. So no Ticket for me. Im sure your I'm will be a help. Thanks so much, this Sl is alway a learning process. with no stop.
  4. Well that sim Weapon test area....and the owner is missing in action. I alredy request that 40 hours ago.
  5. Please, I need help with this... Im stuck as a ghost at Velo Far East. for 45 hours.. and counting) . I already ask the Manager to restart the Sim... and still waitting I dont know if she already did but didn't work. Im just floating there in a welcome mat. Can't issue a Ticket. Im a second class citizen (I guess) . I search everywhere for help, did what they recomend but the true is ....no one have a clue why, Some say is because the sim is not logging me out, others because the HUD's (by the way I have 3 on me and unable to detach them).  Some hero around up for the task?. Please? Thank you so much.
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