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  1. yeah i did an edit to mine as well after seeing that.

    if they dont reply to me then im just going to keep it its not an EXACT replica anyway its more like a mashup of all the different drawings... wallpapers... models and everything else i have seen of it. it's more or less my representation of the marker itself... but its STILL the marker and when you look at it, it is OBVIOUSLY the marker.

    i have been building since i joined sl in 06 and so far everything has been my creation out of my head alone (freelance graphic designer) this is the first time i ever made anything to question. then again i may be a little paranoid.. then again these days sometimes that's not always a bad thing xD

  2. thanks for the feed back, i sent EA a email regarding the matter if they give me permission to use it ima be one happy camper... if not meh rules are rules and we gotta follow em.

    [edit] After reading the rest of that it really is a grey area o.O and im not up for fighting in court just because i want something for atmosphere. no way. if the copyright department of EA tells me no then im just gonna drop it and move on to the next thing. if i cant use the marker then... some other strange atrifact looking stone i think i can make just as well. its also good practice in blender.

    i will have to wait and see, also you put alot of effort into helping answer my question i thank you for your effort you where very helpful ^.^

  3. Hello all i had a question regarding copyrights. i recently made myself a replica of the marker from the popular game Deadspace out of mesh. i DO NOT intend on selling it passing it on or sharing it in any way shape or form. my question is is this a problem for me to have a marker that i built for my own personal land? seeing as i am not selling it or distributing it?

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