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  1. Thank you very much, I do watch many of your videos. they helped me alot! Thanks for sharing your talent <3
  2. Hey, Thanks alot thats very helpful info, yes rotation and location animating type. that means uhhhhh only ugly animations can be universal thats very bad news . then i may do a reset animation of rotation only not editing position. guess that would work for everyone to see not like reset skeleton! ty for the info dear <3
  3. Hello guys, Thanks for all of you hard work everyone this project is so fun to play with. I would like to report a bones Bug that if it wasn't already reported or maybe already someone filed jira about. i just want to make sure its reported. After few hours of my bento head release i started getting many many complains about... bones not resetting to original rotation/location after modifying shape and specially when using my animations on a shape that the costumer created which is not the default shape. More explainations: my head was designed on a default SL shape and i included that shape in my head's pack. but costumers usually like to use their own shapes. the first and last frame of all of my animations are resetted bones [selecting the animated bones and hit ctrl+R and ctrl+G] knowing that i have default shape on my blender file which i use to make animations. i also made a reset animation that puts back all bones to their original rotation/locations. Now when costumers change the shape then use my animations their bones snaps back to default shape position. only right click reset skeleton should put the bones back. https://gyazo.com/7be9215d582ce8bc6ca555594f72b6a1 https://gyazo.com/231f7666102e227da2272a5f982a9d4a Now if that bug is already being fixed then yay! if not then maybe i should write a warning on my animations ads! Another Question: i would really need the scripting code for the reset skeleton command to use it in my animations hud if that was already available. Thanks alot <3
  4. If im on high graphics, yes sometimes the alpha gives me bugs like lashes hiding the eyeshadow but at least i can see alpha but glitched i mean alphas can be seen but with the regular glitch that we already suffer from before. detaching and attaching the head yes fixed the bug in that graphics settings level [high]. but on higher than high graphics i tried to detach and attach the head many many times.. they never were fixed no alpha shows at all not even one taking away the other. simply no alphas at all.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if this is a knowen issue I thought i should report it just in case, but it only happens in LL bento viewer, it never happened in official or firestorm. Alpha textures goes away from rigged mesh bento head and ALSO my none bento old heads when on ultra graphics settings and a bit lower. The skin texture on the lower layer of the head i am wearing is not Alpha. my alpha lashes alpha eyebrows alpha hairbase and alpha eyeshadow all goes away. This is a very Huge big problem for head users, I hope it will be fixed when bento is on official viewer. My Pc is mac btw, pc info https://gyazo.com/6fd03ee450390e2de10373681d053c88  Save Save
  6. So sorry to repeat this issue i'm having its not bento related but it is effecting my bento head, and i really do not know what to tell the costumer when reporting it to me. its the system alpha lashes appearing. if at least i know the reason why they appear all of the sudden. then go away without any reasons! I would advice the costumers to mask their lashes texture and never use eyeshadow appliers when advanced lighting is on, but i already they dont like that solution... If anyone would suggest a better solution i would be very thankful <3  This bug was already reported on 03/Nov/13 but was never fixed! https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-4357? Save
  7. https://gyazo.com/86bbd33a78b3156561108ae9ac1f8630 System avatar will stay the same. this project bento thread is all about mesh attachments.
  8. bento is only for mesh attachments. so when someone suggest to remove a slider. he must be talking about mesh attachments. i dont think they were suggesting anything for system heads/bodies. bento was never created for system heads/bodies. at least thats what i understood when i first read about bento project.
  9. I though that the bento project is being created for mesh heads only. Why do i see some are talking about system heads sliders!
  10. Since bento is being created and released by LL. Costumers would expect something similar to mesh body results [animations/shape sliders working together]. for example sit animations can work for all kinds of mesh bodie's with all kinds of shapes. but smile animation would never have that result for mesh heads. So basecally i will be able to sell a mesh head and say actually you can modify shape sliders they will work yay! BUT please use my shape if u want to use the animations!! So the costumer would think wait i purchased a head that has active shape sliders and has animations but can never be used together! why would i purchase both if i will end up using one! so here is the trick. someone help me explain to them that when rigging a head that rigging can be used for both but both can not be used together! MUST buy both but MUST use one ONLY!! i can not explain it to my self so complicated to be explained. I am expecting this FAQ: can u sell cheaper head without an active shape sliders because i can never use those sliders!
  11. Oh yes, yeah its not a bento thing but will be effecting bento heads after rigging to the eyes bones so i'm already started to panic thinking of a new solution to avoid that issue. lets hope it gets fixed or we get a new trick to avoid. Well if the shape sliders were not working with bento head then we could put eyes depth zero to hide system lashes inside mesh heads but since now shape sliders will effect and pull the mesh with it so. I donno what i shall advice costumers to do when this issue appears to them.
  12. I'm talking about this issue https://gyazo.com/c3acf018cb07b185c6f5887229677775 First time i got this issue when i got genises head before i start creating my heads. wearing alpha mask of full body and all. after a day the issue dissapeared. Before i put the rule for my costumers to put eyes depth to zero i had many of my friends and costumers reporting this issue to me knowing that they were wearing alpha mask and they were fine for sometime then suddenly they get this issue without any reasons. Then i decided to do a trick and ask them to put eyes depth to zero so the system eyes hides inside the mesh head all the time.
  13. The issue happens with all meshes heads on grid when wearing alpha makeup on the mesh head. Not only mine. If it was only mine i would consider its something wrong im doing but it is not actually so i hope LL would look in that simple issue because it is very annoying. Not only my avatar. The issue comes and goes without any reasons.
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