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  1. It wasn't just that these companies couldn't sell product through Second Life, it was that Linden used to offer discounts for sims to institutions and made deals with companies... so people got excited. When that went away, and the price of a sim was like $1400. a month, well... they left. Plus SL was hit by a huge wave of scandal where it was asserted pedophiles and perverts were hanging out. That negative press was hard to overcome.
  2. What peeves me off the most is, NO ONE ever realizes I'M A GOD! No really, I can walk through an entire crowd of avatars and NO ONE, EVER bows down. So weird.
  3. My estimate is 10. I figure at any one moment in time, an average of 10 people are playing. That's for all the sims, across the grid. OH!? You folks thought all those little green dots are human users? Have any of you popped around and walked up to those little green dots? Yeah... lots of bots, lots of parkers, lots of whatever the hell thingie those are because all they do is use treadmills, dance balls, bicycles, spin on turntables, and drink. That heyday people remember was before SL decided to commit suicide... before they evicted all the companies, special interest groups, universities, clubs, and before they ALLOWED themselves to be painted as a sexually perverted pedophile festival, without a fight. Instead of stabilizing the irritating details, they tried to shove a bunch of innovations on us, untested, unverified, bomb ridden 'improvements'. People got tired of falling into the ground, appearing with their shoes up their butts, freezing, sitting underwater at the edge of sims, losing inventory and frankly considered that Linden was the real griefers. I just visited a vehicle test sandbox, and a Linden builder put the car ramp right across a sim line... yes, right on it, so when you use it, you fly out to oblivion and have to restart... what kind of quality control is that?? But I think when they took away the school discount program and stopped trying to get people to log in... it was over. The fact that it's taking YEARS to die demonstrates the profit margin... the HUGE prices they charge for land tier is SO OUTRAGEOUS!!!... that Linden can afford to keep SL running with only a 1/200th of its peak membership.
  4. Let me add one more concept which I believe makes my point about the Linden attitude that has crushed us : I asked a couple of Linden engineers if they could allow me to 'buy' a sim with it's co-ordinates flipped so that the 4,000 meter Z was either a X or a Y? They said, they've thought about that but decided that people couldn't stack sims together that way so they never bothered to tweak the code. I told them, it's not that hard, and I would script in the artificial gravity and make use of it all, and PAY THEM. But they didn't want to bother. Anyone who flies in SL KNOWS! being able to fly 4,000 meters along a ground, whether real or scripted, would be GREAT! A 256 meter wide, by 256 meter high sim that one could fly and fly and fly for 4,000 meters and dogfight in, travel and explore in... ?? Fabulous! So yeah, the Lindens mostly... didn't, and still don't... care.
  5. Luna... I completely disagree. I certainly don't agree with this notion in real life either. But, I'll give two examples : 
 1) I pay $125. a year for a real life server that could handle 4 sims in Second Life. So land was expensive, by choice. If it's cheaper now in Sansar, it's by choice... so, the cause of high land prices, is synthetic. No idea what you mean by 'presence'. Do you mean creators work to give us 'free stuff' so we can sit back and be lazy?... sounds socialist. 2) Customer service makes the world go round. Companies in the real world who go to completely automated customer service, are all on the same path... pathetic. Right now if you have an issue with AT&T, Twitter, Yahoo, Century Link, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan, Key Bank, or even write the White House... you're expected to 'suck vacuum', leave a message, press a button and go away, to just live with being ignored, etc. You as an individual may enjoy and be satisfied with this, this treatment may work just fine for you... but more generally it erodes confidence and poisons loyalty, and people... WILL go away if they can. MANY of the avatars I've known over the years, got frustrated with the slow drip of access to the secrets of the Second Life universe, and simply lost interest. Example: Did you know when you die or teleport in and out of a sim in Second Life, there's a discernible moment you'll exist in the null space-time of a sim's <0,0,0>? I've spent a bit of time staying in that nexus and sending emails to avatars who pass through, none of them aware that their digital presence was in a stasis and yet... recognizable. Did you know if you pass 2 million meters straight up, you will pop out on the opposite side of SL because of the way SL Engineers handle negative co-ordinates. I once flew over 2 million meters up and ended up in someone's hot tub! Did you know you can cruise around hundreds of meters below any sim, and hundreds of meters beyond the edge in the forbidden zones, and still be animated and functional? I have submarines and space ships that travel long distances in the 'voids' and regularly travel between sims far under the 0 point. There are all kinds of absurdities about SL, things to discover that even the Lindens don't know about, places no one else ever! goes, in forms and fashions beyond other people's wildest dreams... but the Lindens don't care, and that apathy has infected others in this little world of ours... most people don't care, and without evangelism and excitement... SL is just WOW with nothing interesting to do... yup, not even a minor parody of Minecraft in most people's minds. That's sad, very sad. So, yeah... sure.
  6. I don't agree with this perspective, I think the decline of SL has been synthetic not technological, not aesthetic, not based on the march of advanced notions of game play... synthetic. Since I arrived in SL over 10 years ago, I've had actual conversations with avatars, both creator class and entertainment seekers and sure, everyone wanted immersive HD graphics, etc... but that's never stopped anyone from having a good time. What has really inhibited people in my opinion has been Linden literally tossing out MOST of the educational institutions, corporations and experimental HTML/internet cross platform work. And in addition... becoming overtly ELITIST! (Try to get Lindens to simply talk to you if you message them, NO WAY!) Frankly, it used to be pretty fun to come in world and pick sims to visit in random... I visited thousands! of them and they were vibrant, interesting, filled with creativity, experimental efforts and oddities. Then the Lindens refused to speak to us normal folk. Just like in the real world when some event occurs, and the only news we get is sensationalized and twisted to fit some agenda, ...what we kept learning about SL was often wrong and filled with nonsense. News about COPYBOTS, news about GRIEFERS, news about ASSOCIATIONS, news about the flaws and failures of moving between sims, of logging in and out, of clearing our caches, of overloading our inventories, news about what it meant to die, to teleport, to assume new avatars, news about graphics card killer TEXTURES, and so on and so forth. Around 2009 or so, the Lindens simply stopped being available for us. Here's an example... when some griefer or jerk would hassle me, I was always forced to leave a sim or take the chance of getting banned... I thought. REALITY was, the Lindens see SL as a battle game, they may now have an issue with this as many are Marxists... but for many years we were supposed to shoot each other, that's how SL was set up... to shoot people. But the PC crowd filled the forums with nonsense about how that was a bannable offense, and we must sit and cry and not rise to the challenge. I've had conversations with Lindens since, and they hardly EVER! ban people for shooting someone!! But meanwhile, they didn't come into the forums and tell us that, so griefers kept griefing and getting away with it, and the general population cowered and felt victimized. Soon sim owners tended to ban people for 'violence', because well... that's what the Lindens wanted, right? NO! That's an example of how abandoning us, affected our experience. Another example is, Linden used to actively entice universities to join in by giving then 1/2 price sim deals... they could have done even better and brought even more diversity in, but no... they cut that program off, so most colleges have gone to the Open SIMS. So my opinion is, the Lindens have mismanaged SL and driven away huge numbers of people, huge numbers of sim owners, huge numbers of creators and frankly, by not providing an online easy access to try out SL without having to download the viewer, HUGE potentials of others who would be enthused today if they could merely join in and try it without the intimidation of the extra steps. I could go on and on, but... either you get it, or you disagree, so I'll leave it there.
  7. Under your 'Advanced Menu' you have the option of turning on and off various rendered aspects of your view such as particles, water, land, trees, clouds, fog, etc. You can also turn on wireframe and see the world as that. A combination of these can be used to pretty well shut down anyone's 'effects'... then you can take other actions from there.
  8. The best way to handle griefing is to invest in weapons from the marketplace. They are obviously legal since they are openly sold and a fee is collected by the Lindens for that sale. So buy them and fire away.
  9. After many years in SL, I truly believe the Lindens want us to to simply grief people back. The best way to do that is to buy weapon systems in the marketplace and use them. Anyone in an area where war breaks out can teleport somewhere else, and those who stay can go all out with everything they have till people calm down and get bored. I truly believe that is what is expected of us. Owners of sims of course have other options... they can ban, but no one else can... so there you go. I have had the last three abuse reports also bounced and the notice of this is sent to my listed email address, apparently the Linden mailbox is failing or full... which is consistent with their inaction. They say they read everyone, but no one in the last 7 years I've been there has ever known anyone else to get banned except by local sim owners and groups. So... there you go.
  10. After many years in SL, I truly believe the Lindens want us to to simply grief people back. The best way to do that is to buy weapon systems in the marketplace and use them. Anyone in an area where war breaks out can teleport somewhere else, and those who stay can go all out with everything they have till people calm down and get bored. I truly believe that is what is expected of us. Owners of sims of course have other options... they can ban, but no one else can... so there you go.
  11. Over and over I get a notices in my email telling me that an 'abuse report' I made while in-world, was refused and so not noted. My last one tonight was about someone supposedly two days old, who is using a COPY BOT. I watched in a sandbox as they duplicated other people's objects within seconds and so I reported them to the sandbox owner who banned them, and sent an abuse report in, which got bounced. This is the third reports I've sent in in a couple of weeks that got bounced. I am making the reports through my SL viewer. I think it would be better for everyone involved in SL if the Lindens simply admitted that in almost all cases, they don't care. Then my time in SL would be spent simply leaving a sandbox and going somewhere else, rather than standing there like an idiot and filling out a report form as if somehow my effort will help improve it for everyone else... JUST BE HONEST LINDENS!
  12. On a Macintosh, for those so inclined in their computing tastes... if you browse to your 'User' folder, then into the 'Llibrary,' there is a folder called 'Application Support'. In that folder there is a 'Second Life' folder. Inside that folder are all the records of your interaction with Second Life. That means, your chats, the textures you've seen, the logs, the whole bit. Theoretically, you can take the keys right out of that texture record and build a prim in SL and load those keys into it, and every texture your avatar has 'seen' will appear... etc. These are how griefers and thieves get ahold of things that others have made. Anyways, I regularly go to that folder and either delete it straight out, or save certain chat records and then delete it... my avatar is then made lighter, even though the servers keep copies of MY stuff... buffers getting flushed like that means lower immediate overhead and faster responses. I do this before I log in to fly... my craft move faster, don't get locked up at sim borders as easily, and errors are often cleaned up. When the viewer is instructed to flush the cache etc, it often does not. I am going to assume PC computers do exactly the same thing, but probably into a slightly different hierarchy of folders. Griefers use macro facilities such as 'framework' to organize those data files for such things as copybots, etc.
  13. Move up the ladder of authority. Minions at the bottom might not want to be bothered with taking action, but as you move on up to their supervisors and then their supervisors, at some point, things will click into place and action will be taken.
  14. The Lindens leave us no choice, and just as it has become the defacto standard in the United States, people need to get armed to the teeth and take justice into their own hands. Again, this has not been tested but I am sure it is true... the rights of SL citizens as Americans, is protected over and above the Linden TOS. No company can make rules which abridge our Constitutional Rights, even when they believe they OWN a property, and that property is virtual versus real. For instance, if I was on any American vendor's shopping site on the WWW, and someone hacked my password and bought something with my account, I have recourse... either through the linked banking establishment, and/or through the vendor itself... I can sue and get relief. The same is true with Linden. They've always wanted us to believe that we have no recourse, that we'd have to fly physically to California and file there, that even then they have indemnity statements that isolate and protect them... and so litigation remains largely untested... no matter the claim of abuse, MOST people simply cannot be bothered to carry through, and so 'inconvenience' has protected Linden all these years, not their TOS. The threat to constant users is, if we complain enough, and Linden is forced to set up a virtual court, with virtual police, to ensure the rights of their citizens, and most specifically their American ones... then they will simply close shop and no one will be allowed to use SL or at least no one without a paid account. This possibility hovers above us all and has since the beginning. IF SL had ever become as successful as WOW, then they would be forced to set up accountable standards, but since they never succeeded, they are always teetering on closing shop and we who like SL, are forced to grin and bear whatever injustice we are 'allowed' to have inflicted on us. "Oh please Lindens, don't abandon SL, we'll be good, we need to be seen and not heard, we got it". SO my suggestion is to do what Americans are doing in real life, arm yourself to the teeth, buy or build every griefer tool you can get your virtual hands on, and if someone attacks you... let them all loose! Since the Lindens are unwilling to handle the griefers themselves, then the citizens must take the law into their own hands.... and yes, it WILL get messy, but living as a VICTIM, is irrational and frankly, WRONG. Set up defense groups, and when a griefer hits a sim, sound the alarm and have a system of 'courts', where proof is laid out and adjudicated. THEN, your association... your 'group', can find them guilty, and ban them from as many sims as are owned by association members. If you make your frontier law too harsh, customers and other members might shy away from your collectives, so be fair, be just, be rational... but take action against the bullies, make their virtual life hard. In the olden days, frontier justice was all the justice people had... well, here we are again. I also suggest you contact your REAL Congressional representatives and make the issues known, at first because of unfamiliarity, you might be scoffed, but soon a recognition will occur. Bullies cannot be tolerated, not on Facebook, not on site lists, not in Second Life... real laws protect you in SL, just as they do anywhere online, remember... to law enforcement... a bully, is a bully. IP Proxy services will be forced to shut down, and finally the NSA will be given the mandate to search and correlate all SL users, to determine alt accounts etc... but if bullies cannot be tolerated, and they can't, ...then these are some of the things that must happen.
  15. 'Privacy' is mentioned nowhere in the U.S. Constitution... not once. So claiming 'privacy' is just a shield for not having to be accountable. Imagine going to the police with a complaint, and they take a report then you are out of the loop... no way, that is not how law enforcement operates anywhere in the U.S., and since Linden is an American company... THAT matters.
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