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  1. Viewer 1.23.5 seems to handle any and all HUDs and their associated AOs, quite well. So, why wasn't any and all improvements aimed at the freedom within our universe of SL HUDs? And just have one HUD window, like "Viewer Upgrades", to report-on and to activate or deactivate upgrades. Then all of us would be free to choose how much hype and tripe, we want in our viewers, mates.
  2. Thanks, Vania!!! (Boring details of the transaction, below, for others to study?) ; LindeX™: Sell L$ Confirmation Click on the Place Sell Order button to place your order. Your Second Life account will be credited the net proceeds from matching buy orders as those matches are made. A confirmation of this order will be sent to tiger@xxxxxxx.xxx Order Summary Description: Sell Linden Dollar Order for L$22,000 Estimated Proceeds: US$81.56 (next page) LindeX™: Sell L$ Confirmation Your Linden Dollar Order You have sold L$22,000 for a total of US$81.66 using LindeX™. Your Secon
  3. Yes, you are correct of course. . . I could not zero-out my amount to Linden, but I could do this much. Billing Details You've authorized use of your PayPal account for future payments to Linden Research, Inc.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cancelled on Mar 18, 2011
  4. Thank you for that rather sad news. . . That means that Lindens are not worth anything? I have over 22,000 Lindens and I cannot pay my membership or Linden Home rent? (WIthheld CURSE WORDs) So, they will kick me out, if my PayPal account is not refilled for that 72.00 USD. (Linden was late in their billing and I over-heard that PayPal could muck-up, so that is why I got those Lindens.) Like Hello, to you Linden Royals, please give me a break! Simply adjust your accounting dogma or simply lose me, as a paying member (I will go and change my PayPal payment-limit to Linden, to ZERO, t
  5. (Newbie here. . . And I could not find a proper category, so could you move this for me, please? :) This is my second year, and I am wondering when a proper bill for my membership wil be sent to me? (I got some sort of warning, over two weeks ago. And today, it is 1 day over that due-date.) And now, I have the money-in-hand, $72 USD worth of Lindens L$, that I just bought from my PayPal account. So, can I please have my bill? Thank you!
  6. Itazura Radio wrote: It will most likely be sooner than later. It's been almost a year now since 2.0 was launched. MY advice is to swallow the pill and force yourself to get used to Viewer 2 now. I know it doesn't do some things as well as 1.23 but that's not the point. Sometime soon 1.23 is not going to work any more and no amount of kicking, screaming, holding your breath until you turn blue, "we will not go quietly into the night" speeches, or threats to leave SL forever is going to change that. Viewer 1.23.5 is extremely efficient and about as bullet-proofed as it gets for an e
  7. This might become quite sad, when LL shoots itself in the foot? Like when they isolate and lose thousands of their non-English members by simply removing 1.23.5? I have dealt with a lot of non-English groups, who will dedicate themselves to a version of the software. (They are picking-up English and visually learning commands on the fly and when you mess with that, you will lose them, LL! Plus, they are not like your spoiled American market, with the money for new hardware. And as these bloated 2.x viewers over-fill their machines, they might be begging for a 1.23.5 resurrection?
  8. Yes, I have found 1.23.5 one of the most efficient and the most fun viewer of the lot And with it, I can add half a dozen specialized HUDs, without worrying about resources. (Oh, I have to worry about AOs and contentions, but that's only normal.) So, it is a shame that the 2.x version was not HUD add-on oriented. (You know, have a special Add-on window or drop-down for just viewer options, mods, etc.) To me, that scalar resizing of the screen to open the Inventory panel was not needed. And we probably could have lived without excessive master folders for what we are wearing. Us
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