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  1. Waiting for a week to get my cashout is an absolute NIGHTMARE. What is the purpose of electronic fund transfers other than speed? In a week, I could strap a horse, ride over to San Francisco from Wisconsin with and come back with a duffle bag of dollar bills. If this is not fixed to instant cashout, I will look for other ways to cash my L$ as I am sure many others will as well. *edit* and yes, because of this, now we have to wait up to 2 weeks because Paypal takes a few days (sometimes a week) to transfer funds to bank. Needless to say, you just about stole my Xmas with this.
  2. About 3 weeks ago I was at my friends house and I got stoned like I haven't gotten stoned since college, and in that moment of weakness I decided to launch 2.0 because I knew it was the only timeframe of my state of being where the disasterous user interface would not induce acute anxiety to the point where my mind cannot process learning. And i figured the viewer out, realized how offensive it is to the needs of SL builders and I still cannot find any reason for its being.
  3. I am starting to believe that my hypothesis of SL being some kind of a Stanoford University modern day prison experiment just might hold some water.
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