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  1. Just a little background before I give you some more results. I work in the IT/Tech support dept for the isp that she uses. Simple things like routers and connections are 100% NOT the issue here (not on her side at least). Also.. I am not in the same location as her so my SL has no bearing in the matter. So... Ping to a San Fransisco server: 151ms, DL 4.97, UL 1.98. However, using SL stats.. ping is near 300. Memory is holding at almost 1 gig available while in SL but the entire pc slows to a crawl. By "entier PC" I mean as I was trying to chat with her in using google talk when she was in
  2. For the last few days SL has been unusable for my partner. FPS is fluctuating between 2 and 20 on Firestorm, Phoenix and V.2 on several different sims. No changes have been made to the PC. Did a clean install of SL and video drivers. Graphics are set to low with as many options turned off as possible. Other games run smoothly and connection tests return 5Mbps down 1 Mbps up. To me this looks like an LL issue from all the testing done but perhaps someone out there has seen this before or has an idea of what might be going on.
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