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  1. I cant tell you how much I appreciate this workflow! It's been so much help so. I know this topic is getting aged, but I'd like to ask for a follow-up, as far as getting the mesh into SL. I'm not having any luck with the uploader, and just not complete understanding of the settings and such. Or maybe someone knows of a walk-through process for uploading non-rigged mesh items. I'd be eternally grateful.
  2. I can't change the status of an item subscription I featured several weeks ago. I am seeing different charge dates between the manage subscriptions" view and my order history. "Manage Subscriptions" says it's charging, can't edit, with a last charge date of Apr 01, and a next charge on Apr 08. My order history shows 2 charges on Apr 10, first one "delivered" and the second being "processed". I had wanted to remove this item from featured at this point but the system seems frozen. Even going to "revise" the item, shows "charging" Anyone hav
  3. I have noticed the problem for the last few days as well. At first it was just having a few more $L than I had remembered, then getting email from my magic box only. Have recieved nothing in the way of sales notice for several days. *Voted & Watched jira*
  4. Thank you, that helps quite a bit, exactly what I was looking for. Do you know where to find such a script? Looked on marketplace with no luck. Thank you Kandi Arabello
  5. Im hoping someone can help by giving me some information about attachemnt points. Im working with a pair of shoes-straps around the ankles, sculpted feet, wedge heel- I have them attached to my feet, but once Im off the posing stand and move around, the shoes become disjointed from my legs. I've tried changing the root prim several times and reattaching but I just cant get it to come out right. I've made other shoes that I ddint have this issue with, but they didnt have sculpted feet. I'm missing something here. Any help? Thanks so much
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