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  1. Subject basically says it all. If it is available, my next questions will be where and how to get it, but there is no point in that if it simply is not available.
  2. Thank you Tristan for duly recognizing the real point of my post, which was that the new Marketplace functions in a less than ideal way, and this after all the months of planning and preparation by LL. As major developments go, the new Marketplace comes on top of the botched introduction of Viewer 2. One is left to wonder if anyone actually tries out these new programs before foisting them upon us, then sitting back and hearing, if not listening to, all the screaming.
  3. Well, I can't resist this for an opening this morning: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum! First, to those who helpfully suggested I use the "Back" button on my browser, I really am not that dumb, ha ha. However, mysteriously the back button for my browser (Safari) stealthily had disappeared from my browser tool bar. How or why this happened will remain forever unexplained. I only realized what had happened after seeing your responses, hence my inclusion of "Helpful" in your suggestions. I have now reinstalled it. Second, to UncleBob and Nyll, you seem to have realized the point of my post, namely that the new Marketplace fails to include one of the easiest ways to encourage people to do more shopping by offering helpful buttons strategically placed within the pages themselves that say things like "Return to Shopping" or or other encouraging features. Using the Back button (when it is in your toolbar) of course is typical of the immediate gratification fixes for any dilemma that faces dedicated computer types, but it does not help to bring about improvement. I would say the "new" Marketplace is about as clumsy a website as one would have experienced maybe 10 - 15 years ago when online shopping first began to come into its own. I find this same clumsiness when using the Dashboard, where navigating to where you want to be is an experience equal to riding with Diversion Airlines. Well, who am I to expect anything up-to-date from LL? except for their concept of Second Life (not their execution of the concept.) So, thanks to those who paid attention to my somewhat peculiar post. At least it hasn't been removed by the moderators. I think. Becca
  4. I have just been shopping in the new "improved" Marketplace.  OK, so I log in and get there and type into "Search" for an item and 47 pages of choices come up.  Pages 1-7 provide me with nothing that I am looking for, but page 8 contains an item of interest worth looking at in more detail, so I click on the item.  Lo and behold, the page comes up, with interesting details, but I decide to look further before I make a purchase.  I'll just go back to where I was in page 8 and continue on with my looking. Riiiighhhttt!!!  I cannot find a way to do so.  I see nothing that says "Return to Shopping" or anything resembling a page back item.  As a last resort I have to sign out and start all over again, laboriously clicking through each of the previous pages before reaching page 8 and continuing on. Surely I must be missing something.  Even the ding dongs that designed the new Marketplace cannot be dumb enough to make it so I have to sign out and start all over again.  Or can they be?  Please tell me they have not done so.  Please tell me instead how dumb I am not to find the right button to return to my shopping spree.  It will not be the first time that I have missed the obvious, or have failed to "just know" what I am supposed to know. I know I have this strange impression that computers and computer programs are supposed to serve me rather than that I am supposed to serve it somehow. But right now I will just settle for a simple way to return to my shopping? Anyone?
  5. Boroondas, your answer is far too complicated for little old me, but I am sure it will be helpful to some who have more computer savvy than I do. Anyway, thanks for your response, and Torley and Nyll too. All I needed was that "right click" advice. Becca
  6. Torley, I have a Mac iBook G4. I guess it is about 5 years old now, and it has a single click optical mouse. Yeah, year, I know. You're supposed to buy a new one everyt 6 months or so, in order to keep up with the latest and to be more "with it." Well, I am going to the big city on Friday to do just that. I'll buy one or another of the MacBooks. I simply must have an updated computer to run SL, though I don't think I can afford a MacBook Pro. Damn SL is a good site! Mostly I do word processing, and for that this computer still works great, but SL is about to make me part with a whole lot of RL money where nothing else has succeeded in making me do so all these years. Actually, I am afraid I will burn this one up if I keep running SL for long. The cooling fan is on almost constantly, and there is an unhealthy smell ...... Yikes, I hope it doesn't suffer a fatal crash before I get my new machine running! How COULD I do without SL for more than a couple of hours? Becca
  7. Thanks, Nyll. Right click on the item. Of course. See, I knew it was just the "right" click away, ha ha. Now I am happily renaming my items again. Whooooeeeeee! BTW for Mac users like myself, "right click" means that you "Control Click" instead. Becca
  8. This probably is a question with a short and simple answer, but where did my RENAME capability go?  I find it wise periodically to do maintenance on my Inventory so that I am able to keep track of things and find them when I want them, etc., and to keep a burgeoning inventory under control.  Hint hint to any people really new to SL - do this on a regular basis to keep yourself from going crazy. One of the key things is to name your items in such a manner that they appear in a way that you can easily find what you want. Up until yesterday I had been doing famously with this, but be damned, I seem to have lost my RENAME ability.  I know it was there somewhere, very clearly in front of my eyes, and I have used it to good advantage, but now I cannot find it anywhere? What the heck?  WHERE DID IT GO?  I know it is just a click away, but I don't know where that click is. Can someone please point me in the right direction here?  There is nothing I can find in SL HELP about this critical function. Thanks. Becca
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