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  1. I know that LL looks for a solution for Premium Members that find the standard LH plots (1024m2) and amount of prims (351) to small and not enough. Maybe this area can provide there solution, if they start renting it out them self, for a 'normal price' (1.1 up to 2.5 L$'s a prim). Funny is, they become a direct concurrent of the big landlords like MarkTwain White and Patrick Leavitt. I can't wait.
  2. Well you get 52 x 300 L$ = 15600 L$ back. That is 60 USD. Am I right?
  3. Ey Ren, has given his Second Norway sims back to LindenLabs. Second Norway is the most East Estate at The Blake Sea. What will happen with the sims, nobody knows. Maybe is LL looking for a new owner? Maybe the sims are gone, next week. I must say that sins November 2019 all over The Blake Sea sales got worse, more and more yellow spots on the map... To me a normal reaction of the landlords might had been, lower your prices! But no, 3 L$ a prim stayed as it always was. Even the new snowy sims (Sailors Cove North, around the sim Homewood) of Patrick Leavitt are 5 L$ for 1 prim. I wonder who will rent it? I don't think thats the way to run a rental business these days. So there will go more landlords broke,... Well, the Corona crises might save them An other reason that the little rentals of second Norway stayed empty the last months is the new continent: Bellisseria. If you put in more then 10.000 new free plots, you break the excising rental economy, Sorry to say.
  4. Connection restored: The western passage is now restored. In order to fill in the gap we had to move our region called Trevethan over there and we now have two new regions called El Monte and Melville Reef. Conte will be developing it to match the rest of the estate. Thank you everyone for your patience as we worked on the problem. Linden Labs was very helpful and really made this happen. I am grateful Enjoy and Fair Winds! Patrick Leavitt
  5. Indeed sorry Flower, I did not see this. I do see in other reactions people find it normal that sim-crossing don't work well (never did, bla). They are not aware SL is a great sailing simulator, used by many. These people have never been sailing in Secondlife. I can advice them to try it once, and they maybe never leave. I do find it strange that the important Estate holders on the East side of the Blake Sea - witch some have a RL income out of it- are nowhere to find in times of trouble. They don't even know there is something wrong going on, on there property. We are informing them, in the hope they put some pressure on LindenLabs, who are not informing anybody: the opposite of a transparent entrepreneur. Very sad. Third, for those who experience SL mainland as a property you might as well abandon because it's worth nothing (...) This is different with the mainland coast sims around the Blake Sea. Those sims are sold (atm) for 1.200.000 L$ each. For your information that is 4780 USD (and don't forget your monthly tier). >>> LindenLabs is treating there costumers like *****.
  6. Fine, so Flower Power ( Aethelwine ), Topless Sailors 'event manager' says the simborder crossings are improving! And topic starter Malifax 'cruise manager' said something completly different, the opposite I give up. Goodbye. Monday I have my new video card,.. The hell with the problems, they'are there'/'are there not'. Lol. Have fun !
  7. Teleports work fine for me, i have problems with simcrossings, I loose my vessels and my avatar crashes. You tell me whats wrong. LOL.
  8. Yes LOL, if you are so smart, whats wrong there the last 14 day's >>> in your opinon?
  9. As i'm spending 16 hours a day in-world, at sea, I know something terribly wrong is going on. I blame it on EEP, because it's a matter of the last 14 day's. I wonder whats the fun of this EEP if you can't sail or fly anymore? The complete sailing environment around The Blake Sea is going down the drain. Just rezz a boat and try it yourself. Maybe some Linden's try it too, but not with there high end video cards there boss gave them. Sim crossings don't work anymore for people with a 'normal' graphics card. And thats the end of Secondlife sailing and flying, or more clear, the end of Secondlife. (just ordered a GeForce RTX 2080). CHEESUS.
  10. I wonder whats the fun of this EEP if you can't sail or fly anymore? The complete sailing environment around The Blake Sea is going down the drain. Just rezz a boat and try it your self Lindens, this time not with your high end video card your boss gave you. Sim crossings don't work anymore for people with a 'normal' graphics card.
  11. The crashes, that make sailing and flying impossible, have to do with EEP. Look here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/356-environmental-enhancement-project/ And here: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_eep_issues
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