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  1. I was surprised to see they eventually released another mesh body. What I do not understand is the reason that led them not to include this 'deformer' feature in the demo. I like how the body looks and that feature sounds pretty interesting, but I am not sure I'd want to pay for it knowing the issues we all had with this brand.
  2. Thank you for that long post Nalates but I feel like it has is very little relation to my original post. I am not trying to have a debate on whether the words this person uttered should be considered offensive (I did not put them here because I am not even sure it is allowed on these forums, but the f*g word has one single purpose) or whether society is being indoctrinated to rely on feelings rather than facts or rationality. I am just trying to get a clarification from the ToS since I am not sure being treated with such hatred is reportable or not. That is what I have always decided when it comes to trolls, griefers etc. For some reason this one time it was different and affected me a little bit. Thank you all for your answers.
  3. Thank you. I did not think about messaging the event owner but I'll do that as well. I do not think it is that difficult to understand. Some people wear clothes that might be perceived as 'gay' or 'butch'. Happens every day even in rl. Your partner box or anything within your profile might be enough for certain people to bash you. Judgemental people do not need many reasons to bully you, especially when they are a group. I hope I helped you to clarify your confusion.
  4. I have never abuse reported anyone in SL, but over the last months I have noticed an increasing number of homophobic comments towards me/friends at shopping events and such. They cannot be categorised as harassment as they're merely spontaneous, but I do not think it is acceptable to have someone laughing at anyone's sexual orientation out of the blue, and even though this is quite unusual for me, a couple friends have told me it is not for them. I would like to know if this behaviour is reportable. SL ToS mentions the prohibition on posting/transmitting hateful content, but I am not quite certain this instance would be included in it. Thank you in advance.
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