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  1. I am fairly new at building. I want to match the texture for a 4x7 prim and and a 4x6 prim, and a 4x4 prim. Is there a simple conversion formula for repeats per face?
  2. No never. I have seen the typical sim lag issue myself but she cant even when I can
  3. not too much. Can sim lag be drastically different from user to user, because i dont have the issue and neither did the alt test i performed
  4. Well for the affected user, in about 20 tries she has only got the optional drop down twice
  5. yes, i have seen delay like that before. I never have the delay and waiting does not seem to be the obvious answer for the affected staff member. She has tried multiple approaches to invite with the same issue
  6. no difference in Group Perm settings, and i tried with an alt with less and could not replicate the issue for me
  7. Problem first occurred on Phoenix. I tested the problem with staff member on two Singularity as well. On two occasions in many many attempts, the role pull down displayed but rarely does
  8. I am owner of a group for a club. Staff are give perms to invite ppl to group and allowed to set the specific role to any role to which they possess. At least one member has the perms according to the group but rarely gets the role drop down box and only has the "everyone" role option. Perms look right, others with same perms dont have the problem.
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