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  1. No, wow. Thank you very much for this. I don't mind going thru and checking,
  2. I'm looking for sims with ferris wheels, either to ride or to buy, besides @Prim Hearts. Anyone know of any?
  3. Kenbro Utu wrote: You need a reality check. You know nothing about this person who says they are in Columbia, who says they are female, and could have any number of alts involved in any number of operations already. She could be legit. You have absolutely no way of knowing. Unless you are willing to lose the money completely, keep it in your pocket, or do as has been mentioned, get the extra land, let her use it, and when/if things go sour, you can easily return her prims and give her the boot. Uh, yeah. Ditto this big time. Keep it in your pants and don't let it rule!! You'll b
  4. Lucinda Bulloch wrote: when i was here 2 years ago there was a Persephone, a vile creature, diff surname, but a vile creature that looked at all spelling and liked to bully people, he thought he had power and would AR all those that fought back, of course you are not that vile creature he was sick. i allways saw him as a very fat short old bloke that could never get any sex in rl You might be thinking of a different first name. Pserendipity perhaps?
  5. Mickey Vandeverre wrote: What I have written is a personal opinion, and some examples from past. No, It really doesn't mean Jack. You process people's opinions, as food for thought, then you make your own decisions. I've aready got a pledge on my marketplace pages. I do not need a group of individuals to monitor that. Heaven forbid, golly gee, good grief. Posting that does not mean a thing unless you attach action and reputation to it. A badge does not supply that. A back-up hive does not supply that. But to a customer, it sure does imply that it does. And it also implies that t
  6. Verena Vuckovic wrote: Well......I received a 'reminder' yesterday to enter 'new' payment details by January 9th or........well, I really don't know what the 'or' is or why. My payment details.....the only ones LInden Lab are getting off me......are already in my account. Am I supposed to re-enter them or what ? Nothing in the stupid email from LL makes this clear. If the system cannot cope with the same payment details......that is not and should not be my problem. Any hassle from this and I will simply change to a basic account. I believe you get booted back to non-premium sta
  7. It will be one BIG headache. This is why LL has never taken it on.
  8. Uncheck HTTP texture thingy in the develop (I think) menu.
  9. Good golly, I am surprised someone noticed. To Knotter: You have not acknowledged my statement. That reassures me my guess is correct. Your other alts do the same thing. I am sure you have RIC'ed the post. I anxiously a wait my letter from moderation.
  10. Y'all need to do away with your lands for a month or two. Enough people have to do this. That is the only way Linden Lab will take notice. Anything less is a non-starter.
  11. Kylie Jaxxon wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: He's new to the forum Don't think so...:matte-motes-smug: :matte-motes-zipped: Shades of Cato?
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