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  1. Fixed long LONG ago. This is a month old post :D. I have had very bad experiences with JIRA so don't do that :D. The devs have been really good on fixing things (I report now on the GAMES forum but haven't needed to in awhile).
  2. Wow that really IS bad ^^. I thought the point of the new search rating matrix was to penalize folks that tagged their items with inappropriate keywords, the idea being that people looking for a Maitreya Top would not by Belleza shorts (etc.) and the higher percentage of lookers that buy, the better your product rates in the listings. It doesn't seem to be working too well. There could also be people being paid to buy products and hence the listings -- even if tagged incorrectly -- get higher in the ratings because of "product sales". Hard to say what is going on and why things are
  3. I think that many of us that make mesh and at least are TRYING to make it close to "game asset standards" would have welcomed a tighter hand in the uploads department -- at the BEGINNING. Once again I will point to Cloud Party as an example. But now? That ship has sailed. There is so much poorly designed (heavy) mesh with nastly LODS that new rules now would do very little good. Unless of course you are suggesting that The Lab tests all content to see if it complies to its imaginary new standards -- and removes non-compliant items from the servers :D. There are plenty of folk
  4. Most shops are on the Marketplace. Not all and their absence I am sure is purposeful in the cases of big name mesh body designers for example :D. But I read an official quote the other day about the number of items on the Marketplace and IF I remember correctly (I think it was Dakota that mentioned) it was somewhere around 5 Billion (with a B) items. There are currently 5.4 million active listings on the Marketplace. - Dakota Linden The thread was about how new items ended up far down in the listings because of the way the Marketplace weights search. I was very surprised at the nu
  5. The little bit parted in the middle (lips) is a function of the heads (at least my Lelutka has that). Much of the rest of the look while partly dependent on the mesh head you choose had MUCH to do with the underlying shape (assuming you have a Bento head). So playing around with the shape sliders should get you that look. As mentioned, it really shouldn't be that difficult to achieve. That said, understanding what those shape sliders DO takes some time and experimentation. Just keep at it and remember that perfection really isn't all its cracked up to be :D.
  6. I suggest spending a day looking at the various rentals (apartments and homes) listed in the classified. Honestly I do this from time to time just for fun and to see what is out there. It is a very enjoyable time (I think so anyway) and you will likely have a MUCH better idea of what your choices are by the end of the day. From there, pick your favorite. Communities are nice if you like company. And you can rent land easily for less than a linden a prim (mine is about .75 per prim) which gives you lots of options if you want to shop for a home and put down your own building and decorate
  7. Also note that for "all practical purposes" the bonus is not useful unless there are a LOT of folks in the group donating. This has been discussed many times :D. Since 512 is the least anyone can pay on having and extra few square meters does no good at all. Long ago and far away there was a big push (and it actually worked) to have big groups donating land "for the greater good". And for that the bonus works. I have been in a group for almost ten years that has NEVER used those extra bonus prim LOL and I am sure there are tons of folks out there in the same situation. You will
  8. I know someone who ALWAYS triangulates before uploading (not with the SL settings in Blender but in the Modifiers). I have never had an occasion like yours but it certainly a good thing to remember. Thanks for coming back and reporting. That is a big part of the whole process on the forums. Glad you finally got it!
  9. It is true that rezzed items that disappear frequently come back the next day. I lose my Kitty often and she happily returns. If that doesn't happen you can file a support ticket (available from the website backend). Choose "Inventory" I think as the issue. You do not need to be premium for this. If you know the EXACT name of the item you lost you have a fairly good chance of getting it back. In general though, once inventory is lost, it stays lost even if you file a ticket and the devs try and get it back. And it does seem like they should have a redelivery with something that tec
  10. Ohhhhh. Arton's post gave me a lightbulb moment. IF you bake and then by accident move a vertices this will happen. Again though if you put the CURRENT texture on the CURRENT model, the flaw will show up when looking in TEXTURE mode. Let us know!
  11. I can only tell you what is actually happening --- which doesn't seem to have much to do with the official rules. 1. Over a month ago I turned in an abuse report for adult themed goods for sale on moderate land (my mainland neighbor). The store was still there with the same adult products the last time I checked. 2. I asked a venue owner why adult furniture with very obvious sex animations were on the ground floor level of the venue and available for all to see and try -- this in a moderate themed sim. She replied that it was perfectly legal. Since then I have seen MANY adult items o
  12. :D. OK. Well no answer here but if it was "me" I would just do some clean up in my graphics program. Most of the time that is needed with Blender anyway. It doesn't handle any kind of "angle baking" well and I almost always need to soften those nasty jagged lines. I will watch to see if someone comes up with the answer :D.
  13. So picture 1 is a shot of the item with the TEXTURE showing after baking? Not the item in RENDER mode? That is what I think you are saying. Are you sure those just aren't viewer shadows? If you look closely at picture 2 you can see that there is a shadow UNDER the bottom edge of the metal band. That is not in your picture 1. That is besides that extra shadow up top on the slanted part of the band. Does it look the same way with shadows off? It DOES seem though that if there was a shadow being cast for the top half of the band then it would also be cast for the bottom part of the band LO
  14. Just some input on these other two things apparently (I read through quickly) not answered. And yes, the CREATION forums is where the OP wants to be for sure :D. You CAN bake shadows onto a model but you CANNOT keep folks for using shadows within the viewer. So the best method for many things is to add subtle AMBIENT shadows to your items that will not interfere with the real world shadows. The other option would be to create a complete scene with everything you want in it (as I understand it this is more likely a SANSAR method than an SL method where folks here buy from all sorts of crea
  15. Well I was about to toss the whole project after three or four days with pretty much nothing going right. Then I somehow managed to get the blur to BLUR after adding and subtracting to a cylinder mesh so that I had "stripes" (which of course I didn't really want). The BIG problem was that the tutorial skirt had BLUE influence past the center of the skirt taking in the other leg. MY skirt (shape, length who knows?) didn't have ANY influence on the opposite leg. So I had to fix THAT and then the blur tool sort of worked LOL. Mostly I just changed the bone weights manually to get the "col
  16. EDITED: LOL. OK. Got me. THANK GOODNESS this was abandoned
  17. OK, Adding this info from friend as I apparently misunderstood (and still really don't understand but hopefully someone else will) : "it isnt that the brush itself didnt work for me, it only worked within one mesh but not cross multiple meshes within a mesh group". So like chains on a body with links that consist of multiple chains (so far beyond my imaginations although I love the finished products LOL).
  18. Well D*MN that is what I am using. I will give it another try although I am thinking that The Universe is trying to tell me I don't want to make clothes. THANKS VERY MUCH for going to all that trouble. It might be a setting she had us do in the tutorial? That's the problem with tutorials of course LOL. There are very few that you get through without issues. I actually tried doing this tutorial more than a year ago and got stuck much earlier in the process (maybe at the Blend Brush) with a cylinder much like yours -- I don't remember. I will look at your settings and if ne
  19. OK. This isn't just to Morgan, but SOMETIMES people who DO understand materials use a blank texture for the materials layer ON PURPOSE and with REASON :D. I have a normal and specular map maker. It is a VERY easy thing to do from your baked diffuse layer. However it is yet another texture for your viewer to download (some folks make their specular maps at 1024 - OMG). In the case of METAL (which is where I often use a blank texture) the 16 x 16 texture works pretty much the same as the specular map created from the diffuse texture (they are often almost solid white). So FOR ME, using a
  20. Since you are new that "rez" comment above may not make any sense. Here is the official page in the KNOWLEDGE BASE (a good place to look up things).
  21. That makes no difference. Tried HUGE values and it still doesn't work. Thanks though LOL. That value is there from following along with the tutorial BTW. Very smart lady. OTHER brushes work fine.
  22. Note that there are EASY TO GET developer kits for TEXTURE APPLIERS. The actually mesh body developer kits are harder to obtain. The only way is to stop by the store and fill in an application. You will likely have to show that you already make mesh clothes and pretty much know what you are doing :D.
  23. A few weeks ago a friend wrote because she had spent three days (and much hair pulling) trying to get the Blur Brush to work in Blender 2.77 (I think but it was an earlier version than what I am using). Since I don't weight paint I had no idea what the blur brush was. After a few days of angst she went back to an earlier version of Blender - 2.6 something I think where it is working. The last couple of days I have been working on rigging and weight painting (new to me) and so far it is going OK. I am following a very complex tutorial. I am now at the part where I need to use the blur br
  24. and I have a big bridge in New York I can sell you really REALLY cheap - LOL. If they don't have a Linden last name, they have no credibility in my book :D.
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