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  1. Look, I've been in SL for a while -- there are people who've been there longer, but I've been paying premium for more than a few months. It's not the actual changing the user interface piece that I have a problem with. If you want to make the client look/work like a modern web browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer, that's a really great idea. If you want to use icons or icons+words for functions, I don't have a problem with that. Now in Viewer 3's defense -- it is better than Viewer 2. I'll give it that much. Once I put on advanced mode, it didn't suck to use nearly as much as Viewer 2 does. I'm reserving judgement on how horrible it is in advanced mode, aside from to say that it didn't make me want to pull all my hair out the moment I tried to use it for anything, and Viewer 2 very much has that effect. However, in basic mode: * Search isn't available (for the love of God, it's the single most commmonly used function in Second Life) * Inventory isn't available (... and IMs are still capped absurdly low) * Avatar customization isn't available (... seriously? You guys buy the freaking ad words "Avatar customization" on Google, and you're going to turn that off unless someone picks advnaced mode?) * Teleport Home isn't available (seriously?) * Creating landmarks isn't available (?!!) * Rebaking textures isn't available, yet it still manages to get stuck in cloud mode... No problem, lets turn the features back on! Oh, so that takes quiting SL -- then starting the client again. Then changing the setting to advanced. Then quitting again. Then starting the client again, and only then does the functionality become available. So I'm not at all sure who is making this decision, but really, it's just like taking an artillary gun on a battle cruiser and shooting the SL platform repeatedly in the face 100 times with it. Oh and incidentally, the back button -- it won't ever do what someone is wanting it to. Just saying, it's never going to work the way that people are going to think that it should, and so probably you're better off using some other approach.
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