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  1. I have numerous scripts that used to turn on lights by 'sun in the sky location'. With the new EEP in place these don't seem to work anymore. Can someone suggest how to properly handle lights coming on based on sun position? Thanks!
  2. There are some options. Try the Fallen Gods tattoo feathers (it has a nice textured look). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Selidor/123/169/23
  3. I appreciate the linkage and the kind thoughts. I've been doing this a while and this lag here is 'stopping the viewer' type lag. Even to black screen and 'program not responding'. I've only seen viewer fail like this long ago when writing to disk errors (taking photos, save to disk, for example) and lag were interrupting the normal function of the viewer. Just wanted to chime in on the topic that it was not isolated nor normal kinds of lag.
  4. I have been getting severe lag spikes the last two weeks. Doesn't change wherever I go, seems worse just after Teleport. I haven't changed the viewer and I have the most recent FS. Settles down if I am in the region for a while. Comes back as soon as I move to a new region. FS this version has been very smooth and stable up until now.
  5. It is now in the standard LL viewer. Yay! We should see the same tech in Third Party viewers at some point.
  6. Phil Deakins wrote: Back on topic: I've no idea what viewer this thread is about. Today I got the forced update but I haven't noticed any difference. We are talking about the fantastic improvement in render times and priorities for main viewer update this week. Torley explains it better than I ever could. .
  7. Just a comment. I spent some time on the grid last night hopping through the destinations of a hunt for practice with the latest viewer. This viewer incorporates all the latest 'project interesting' focus renders. Wow. Really made a nice experience. As a long time Firestorm user, I tip my hat to the Linden Viewer. cheers D #viewer
  8. OMG, fantastic!! You are correct. That is exactly the dance I have missed so badly. Terrific work and thank you Dancing Lemon for the tip. I know several friends who will be glad to find out this information. Such a great dance animation! Found on marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TIS-Buttweiser-Female-Dance-Animation/1058232 (includes link to video animation at marketplace)
  9. Well, I can think of many reasons why it would be nice...but let's just hit the main points. 1. Most people who find themselves with 'deleted content' are not thieves and actually paid for what they had deleted. Or it was a gift from a friend and do you suspect every copy/trans present of being stolen by friends? I do not. 2. Someone has to request the deletion for IP reasons and prove it to LL. Logically, that same person would benefit from folks like me who are charmed by the missing item and now would like to buy it for genuine legal copy. 3. Declaring your rights to IP presumes the inventory still matters, even if not available or for sale. Perhaps interest in the item might revive now that illegal copies are gone. Certainly, there is one person out there you don't want back in your store....but then, that person already knows who you are and knows how to copy your stuff. Keeping your identity from that person doesn't protect you at all. Keeping it from the rest of us, just seems illogical. But then, this is all new to me. I was curious. Thanks for responding.
  10. So I understand when things are removed from your inventory and a notecard is left behind by LL. What I'd like to know is, why don't you get any info on how to buy the item that is now gone? Anyone else lost a 'happy dans' loop and wonder where to purchase? Some creator want to step forward?
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