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  1. I'm actually trying as my premium alt. In fact I have two premium alts but one is staying in her old Japanese Linden house for the moment while the other one gave up her home and is trying desperately for a new one. So in fact I pay for three premium accounts and only one wants a home. But I would be even more angry if I made a new premium alt and still no home!
  2. So in other words, never! Grumble, grump! Well I still think they should have a waiting list. I've been paying premium plus $75 US in tier every month to LL since 2010! I think I deserve some priority for that.
  3. How do we know when they are released? It's fine to say Monday Wednesday and Friday but since they are gone quickly it would be nice to have an idea of the hour!
  4. I'm really tired of waiting for a linden home. I abandoned my old one in April and by the time I had cleared it, the new ones were all gone and I've not been successful since. I've been premium for 9 years but no priority and you are in a lottery with those who join today! Sighs.
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