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  1. I guess it can... sometimes... I also have a problem with my graphic card driver. The message i get is that the driver is either out of date or not been installed properly. I hav´nt been in sl since I got windows 8... why the hell did i sell my Windows 7 :-(
  2. I have updated my Windows to Ver. 8 and since then I cannot access SL. The error message is that the Radeon 5800 graphic driver is either too old or hasn´t been properly installed. The installed driver is the latest version and has been properly installed. I tried olver versions of the driver but the error message was the same. The error message appears when sl reaches the "loading texture" stage. I would be very gratefull for any help!
  3. For motnths now i have been unable to put on any clothes, change shape etc. The error message is always the same: cannot cant change appearance or shape while downloading clothes. I have tried everything: clearing the cache, de-installing everything and waiting a few weeks before trying again. Nothing helps at all.
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