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  1. Come dressed like the royalty that you are tonight Sweethearts! Our best dressed male and female members tonight will each win 1000 linden and will ALSO win the right to wear a SPECIAL Sweethearts Royalty tag...Our Sweethearts King and Queen! The tag will be theirs for one week to wear proudly and no other members will have it. They will receive a crown designed by Lazuri Jewelry that is exclusive to our King and Queen of Hearts! Membership required! Join us for fun, romance, excitement, and the elegant splendor of Sweethearts Select Visit Sweethearts Select
  2. Looking for a great job opportunity? Sweethearts is hiring hostesses, starting at L$125 per hour, and you keep 100% of your tips; room to advance. Must be 60 days old to apply. Sweethearts has been around for 8 years on the grid now, is all heart and our staff IS our family. If you'd like to be a part of our family, visit our website and complete an application in the employment section.
  3. these answers don't seem to apply any more. Since the last new code was added to SL, even wearing the shoe base does not hide the legacy avatar foot, and only a few sculpted pumps come with an alpha, which of course does not fit every shoe shape
  4. Sweethearts Jazz and Romance Club is well suited to host a meetup like this with plenty of room for overflow.
  5. submit a trouble ticket. The help technicians can now adjust the mature word filters.
  6. I get the same message ever since their events posting maintenance. Nothing I write is of a NON PG nature, What's going on? Just give us a list of words the filters are flagging so we can get on with our work.
  7. Come show us all your glamorous 24K GOLD and STERLING SILVER Formals at our most glittery event at Sweethearts! Yes, your jewelry can count, but PLEASE don't bling us to death! (hehe) Our most stunning male and female will each win L$500! Time for some fun and some razzle-dazzle romance the Sweethearts way!
  8. Monday, starting at 8 a.m. SLT and running to 8 p.m. SLT, there will be 12 hours of events at Sweethearts Jazz Club!! Live DJ's and performers as well as formal events will all take place to benefit the Michael J. Fox Creations For Parkinsons. Show your support and join us today. You'll have an amazing time helping Sweethearts Jazz and Creations For Parkinsons support this very worthy cause. Show your support, make an appearance and know that you are helping just by being present. Everyone can make a difference and it starts with regular people like all of us, taking a stand together.
  9. IT'S TIARAS AND TOPHATS TIME AT SWEETHEARTS! Put on your favorite formal attire and come dressed to impress!! Best male and female with the most stunning tiara and most dashing tophat win $L500 each. Sweethearts is the #1 location in Second Life to meet others, fall in love,dance, enjoy great jazz music, find a date, even shop, or just find a lifelong friend. Join us and add your special voice to the Sweethearts family so that we can benefit from your humor, knowledge, and the excellence you offer SL. We are here waiting for you.... Join us for fun, romance, excitement, and the elegant splendor of Sweethearts Jazz. We are blessed to be the warmest and most genuine group of "sweethearts" in Second Life history. Fabulous wonders await you. Bring a special sweetheart to dance or meet someone special right here. Sweethearts is the #1 place in Second Life to meet new people for romance and friendship. Happy couples all over SL have proven that our Sweethearts MAGIC works!
  10. -

    I'm getting the same error only its happenening to me everywhere. I cannot rez in sandboxes or places I manage either. I just noticed that the coordinates are no where near those that the map shows for my property Can't rez object at { 33.4102, 72.237, 57.5655 } because the owner of this land does not allow it. Use the land tool to see land ownership.
  11. i get a 404 error, web page not found since last week. anyone else getting this error?