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  1. Glad I wasn't the only one!! I was pulling my hair out Seems to be fixed now, thanks for all the input guys )
  2. Thank you! Reading it now.. and I hope they fix this!! Glad Im not the only one not happy with the changes
  3. The last couple days there is what seems to be changes to my Transaction History section on the secondlife website! I have not changed my browsers or anything.. I currently use Explorer and Chrome but prefer Explorer.. Im wondering if they tweeked this section of the site? if so.. Im thinking its needs more fixing! I can no longer see just todays items.. It makes you go choose from the day before to the current day.. and its lagging! Stuff isn't showing up, my balance shows way more than the sales do.. its like the sales report is lagging or something, each time you "refresh" your page.. it takes you to the previous day, with each refresh you go back a day further! Im finding this super frustrating especially as a business owner.. anyone else having this issue lately?!? Thoughts and suggestions welcome! & thanks in advance :)
  4. Im having issues with the transaction history of Marketplace the last few days.. its showing up different.. and not properly! If they tweeked this.. they made it worse in my opinion! now a "refresh" of page takes you a day back everytime I click it! Im clicking it because my balance, and my sales.. are not showing up the same.. its like the sales report is lagging or something.. The new (if it IS that) setup is super frustrating on the Transaction History page, anyone else having this issue??? Also you need to now set it up as the day before along with todays date.. no longer just looking at one day, but always 2? Thoughts please!
  5. is there any new news on this subject? I would also like more than one store
  6. GREAT!!! I see its finally there! Thank you for letting me know .. was getting worried I did something wrong lol
  7. Hoooooooly CHIT!! *slaps forehead* ..don't know how I missed this but TY!! duhhH! lol I saved.. and hope to see a change withini 24 hours.. thanx again for the help )
  8. I have a store on the marketplace, and you can find my stuff in the "Items" tab... but NOT under the "Merchants/Stores" Tab.. anyone know whY?? My store is called Dirty Deeds.. and there is one store there.. but its not mine.. and its empty.. sketchy. I went into my store profile.. and tried to see if there was a checkbox or something I missed.. but nothing... anyone shed some light on how I can show up there for my store in the "Merchant/Store" tab when searching for Dirty Deeds? makes no sense.. HELP?!? thanks for any help in advance, - Cimone Blackburn
  9. thanx for the reply guys! I just ended up deleteing all the key words and most of my description.. they really outta fix it so they can at least tell the merchant (or better yet show) exactly where the problem lies... lets keep hoping for an update on this as well as ratings *keeps her fingers crossed*
  10. Have been utterly frustrated with the Marketplace the last few days, tryign to add something as simple as some Easter Baskets have turned into a nightmare.. for some reason the ads keep getting banned for desc. text.. so I go through it a hundred times.. try to find duplicate words of the word Easter that might be the cause.. nothing works until I delete the WHOLE description.. the banned text depends on how things are worded.. for instance you can say it worded one way, but not the other, which I might add will be even more confusing to those whose English is not their first language.. anyways.. now with the desc. deleted its now telling me there is something wrong with the words in the key words box. Ummmmm... Isnt that where we are ALLOWED to list the words like easter chocolates eggs toys etc.? Ive been using marketplace forever for my stuff.. and never once had an issue as ridiculous as this.. I mean really come on! It's an easter basket!!! You'd think I would run into issues with more of my xxx stuff. :S MY QUESTION TO LINDENS: Since your eager to tell me in a red banner that there is a ban and the ad wont be listed, could you also at least show the user WHERE the error is? if its words that have been searched & recognized, than surely you can somehow HIGHLIGHT them in the ad for me so I can delete them? this guesing game is super frustrating!! TELL THE MERCHANT WHERE THE ERROR IS PLEASE!! .. & thank you :) - Cimone Blackburn P.S. please fix the rating system on the marketplace to how it was back in the day and do us all a favour ;)
  11. Im having the same issues logging into secondlife viewer.. its stuck on logging in screen.. I also cant login to the website to view my transaction history without beating around the bush.. hope they fix it soon!
  12. I havent been on sl in a few days and just last night saw the post about Aditi.. I tried to give it a go today to check it out, but it seems i cant even log in.. any ideas?
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