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  1. Reminds me of the first scene from the official music video for Lily Allen's "The Fear" Great pic!!
  2. Fierce. I like it. I like it a lot.
  3. I think I see Dim Sum, but I'm not sure.
  4. Where is Destination Island? It was mentioned in http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/A-Look-Back-at-Improvements-to-Second-Life-in-2012-and-Forward/ba-p/1775925
  5. Whoa!! Dang, that's hot!! Awesome photo!!
  6. I've tried using categories, and I've tried using "sonic overriders", "walk sound", and "sound overrider", but these don't seem to find what I'm looking for. I've heard other avatars with better-sounding footsteps than the SL default, and I'd love to buy some & try them out for a better SL experience.
  7. What does " Use Plugin Read Thread" on the Advanced Menu do, and how does it work?
  8. Hey, thanks for the update!! It's terribly frustrating to get error messages when trying to participate in group IM/Chat, but I'm sure you, and tons of other SL Residents, already know this. It does help to know that LL is working on it. I wish I had more technical experience and could help them with exploring/testing possible solutions, and implementing a fix on the grid. In the meantime, I guess we'll all simply have to be patient.
  9. Really? I thought I read somewhere that LL was simply experimenting with XMPP as a POSSIBLE solution, but later abandoned it. I wish I could remember where I saw that. Wait, wait, were you being sarcastic? Ugh, my sarcasm detector seems to have caught the bug from group chat. LOL
  10. Hate group chat not working? Go to jira.secondlife.com and lookup issue SVC-1509. Vote for it, Watch it, and let's let the Linden's know they need to fix it already!! (Got a premium account? File a support ticket EVERY TIME group chat doesn't work, flood Linden Labs with tickets!!) I'm starting to post this to all the groups I've joined inworld, and I've been sending this message to all of my friends inworld. I'm trying to start a guerilla-type thing to try to really get the message to LL that this issue desperately needs more resources devoted to it, and that it desperately needs to become a
  11. I recently found a newly-created club called "The Barnyard", I think they're mostly country music if I'm not mistaken. Here's the SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinn%20City/8/195/3002
  12. Thanks!! It works great!! Eureeka!! (I'm thinking about suggesting an "add to all/selected outfits" button in Viewer 2 through the jira.
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